4+ Best Free WordPress Themes For 2022 (Super Fast & FREE Themes)

Today we will talk about the best free and fast themes for WordPress in 2022. Hi guys, my name is kailash. Here I make videos related to blogging, wordpress and hosting. Today we are going to talk about free theme WordPress you can use it for your blog, LMS, eCommerce and portfolio websites. I have used a lot of free themes and NI has shortlisted 4 topics for more options for this article.

Today we are going to talk about the best 4 free themes. Which are the best and free which are also fast and lightweight. And which will help in SEO and hence I have shortlisted 4 of such topics. We will also look at the best themes for different themes. scenarios and will discuss them in detail. If you are not sure on which idea you should start your blog, you can refer to my article. We will move on to the best topics, we will start with No. 4.

4+ Best Free WordPress Themes For 2022 (Super Fast & FREE Themes)

Best Free WordPress Themes in 2022 List

  • OceanWP
  • Astra
  • Blocksy
  • Kadence WP


OceanWP Theme

The theme, which is OceanWP. And it is the second most popular theme in WordPress. Active installations are over 7 lakhs. And it is also being updated regularly and if you read my web hosting review article, the theme I use for testing is OceanWP. I use Gym Templates to test my web hosting service. It’s pros is that it supports maximum page builders, you get block customization options.

This is a very old theme and one installed and the eCommerce compatibility is good too. You won’t find many header and footer options, there are no customization options. Blog customization options are available as there are very few free templates in their free version which is just 15. The UI is not very impressive. They are working on a change that hasn’t been released yet. And you will see a new UI here it looks good as compared to the UI they currently have.

They may have got the UI by the time you are not reading this article so this theme is ideal Blogging, eCommerce, Support for personal 1-page websites Has a good knowledgebase. So you will find good information on various topics which are out of date and different types are mentioned in Basic Customer Support, so there are a lot of categories here. Which should be limited to 1 paid for and free OceanWP used to be my favorite free WordPress theme.

But right now they are lacking till 2022 and they have not improved as compared to their counterparts. They are stuck in one place. This was 3 years ago I don’t think they are providing any value. But if you are looking for an established player in the industry then you can go with this. Again, it’s not bad but there are some better options available in the free version. Before I get to the third point, that you should know how to use a really good theme.

You must know how to make something cool with the tools available so I have created a course called Lightning Blocks, I have mentioned how you can use free themes and plugins. And create a blog, you can get a good 90+ page speed score. And you can get security with a modern look on the blog. Cloudways Hosting is one of the best managed hosting providers that will provide you with good speed, good security, and a decent uptime.

With a good load handling I have also provided detailed article for it will give you 20% discount if you will buy cloudway through my link and enter coupon code kripesh. And shopping through my link will help you access a free training program, where you’ll learn how to use Cloudways. It will also provide free admission to my course. Coming back to number three.


Astra Theme

Free Theme Astra Astra Astra is one of the free themes for WordPress with over 1 million active installations. And it is especially famous for the free templates and eCommerce compatibility they provide. Talking about its pros, you will get more than 100 free templates. What you won’t find in any free theme is a good starter template collection and free collection. And it is lightweight and compatible with all page builders. From the beginning their main focus was on compatibility with page builders. It works great with WooCommerce and LMS, has a good development team. And they are quite quick in the process. Also this topic is from India,

They have lots of customization options. But their free version seems limited. There are no blog layout options available. There are no typography options either. So these are limited options in their free version. Header and footer customization options are available. They also have good documentation. The problem is that their free versions seem limited. The free version has very few customization options. Blog layout functions are not available in the free version. Hence Astra is a multi-purpose theme that can be used for blogging, eCommerce.

In LMS website, machine learning, course website, support they have options for free support, premium support and pre-sale questions. It may take up to 24 hours or up to 2 days for a reply. The documentation is also good so Astra is a great theme. But there are some limitations for free if you are planning to upgrade your theme in the next 3 months. So go with it if you want some basic features and customization then it is a good option for free if you are a beginner. And if you want some basic options, with some good documentation, this is still a good option for you.


Blocksy Theme

Number 2 on our list is free themes. Blocksy Blocksy is becoming popular lately with the options that it is providing in the free version. Active installation is 60k plus. Its pros have good customization options in the free version and you get a lot of options to customize colors, editing options, multiple typography, layouts, homepage layout options, custom header and footer options, sticky sidebar options. You get a social sharing box without using any plugins and I think these are the best customization options for a free theme.

It is a feature-rich theme, and all the features provided at this level are definitely worth it. After all these features the performance provided is also good. And it is a lightweight theme. The eCommerce features are good. And it is WooCommerce ready and can be integrated. Cons is the amount of customization options a beginner might find it overwhelming and decide among all these different options as it has a lot of customization features. S o It will take some time to learn all the features so there is a slight learning curve in operating this theme.

The other con is that beginner sites are very limited, you’re only getting 21 starter sites which I think could be better, so it’s ideal for portfolio websites, news websites, business websites, eCommerce and blogging . Support is good with documentation and it’s not the best you only get good information and support responds to you within 1-2 days. So if you are looking for a power-packed free theme with lots of customization options. And feature-rich then apart from this it is a must have. Balance with page speed then Blocksy is the right choice for you.

Kadence WP

Kadence WP Theme

Now coming to the number 1 theme. That is Kadence, Kadence is one of the most popular WordPress themes and it is fast. And its active installations are 1 lakh. And Kadence was acquired by iThemes in April 2021. Since then Kadence is evolving and they are giving priority to speed. They have also provided free features. They have decent customization options as the pros, color palette, site editing, and many more customization options are available.

You can easily customize the header and footer and there are drag and drop options. You can make more settings in the header option by making it sticky or transparent. Page layout options are blog layout options. And it is also lightweight which will help you score good page speed. 63 Free Templates, Gutenberg With 51 Free Templates you get templates for the rest of the page editors. The template collection is good and Cadence Block is a plugin that integrates easily with Gutenberg.

Lots of block options here There is also the option of custom hooks for free. You will love this feature if you are a developer and if you have used GeneratePress and used Elements. So you can use them here too. Free version is required as it is not available in Pro version. Cons are, that there are no templates for Beaver and Builder, and Elementor templates are limited, Cadence theme is ideal for blogs, affiliate blogs, eCommerce, LMS, personal websites.

Coming to the support it is just like free support which will reply you in 1-2 days, one thing which makes it standout is the support forum. Because this is a community-based forum and anyone can ask questions and answers, it is quite an active forum so this post is 1,27,00 and there are various posts like this. And there are many more posts which are updated regularly. And so the community-based platform is a very exceptional element here, so I think Cadence is one of the best free themes for WordPress for 2022 that is multi-purpose. It is used for all options like eCommerce, blog and customisation options without compromising on speed. That’s why I love this topic as well as Lightning Block’s syllabus is based. So if you are interested you can check it out.

My Recommendations

Now let’s talk about my recommendation for free themes for 2022. Overall Best Free Theme for eCommerce Cadence feature-rich theme is Blocky Free Theme. I think Blocksy is much better in this because of the options they provide and the integration options which is better than Kadence in WooCommerce. Kadence, a WordPress theme for blogging, is a good choice. Astra is a good choice for a page builder.

For Gutenberg, Kadence and Blocksy are a good option. Demo Content is providing 100+ free templates for Best Theme for Astra. That’s why it’s good to have the best free themes for LMS. Cadence has a good integration and for paid, you can go ahead with Astra Best WordPress theme support. Cadence is good because of the community support forums. Best themes for beginners Astra and Cadence are the best themes for a digital marketing agency. Astra is good but if you are updating it then choose the best free themes for business websites, cdenseWP and blocky eye with it. Best theme for a news website, Blocky is a good choice. Best theme for portfolio websites KadenceWP.

Final word

So I hope you have selected the subject for yourself if you have any questions. So you can ask in the comment section below.

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