After all, How Shadow FOGG in India

Friends, you already know that “FOGG” is a perfume sold in India. But have you ever wondered how “FOGG” became so popular over the years. Actually this is from 2011

When “Vinnie Cosmetics” launched “FOGG”. Before that all those perfumes which were coming till 2010. Magestri and were alcohol based plus they were not long lasting.

But “FOGG” was a gas-free perfume and the company even advertised it as such to make it stand out. They also guaranteed 800 sprays on a bottle which was a revolutionary marketing stunt of the time.

But in the year 2015 “FOGG” made its real move where they launched an advertisement which goes something like this. “Sir, what is going on, ‘FOGG’ is going on in India” You must have heard this advertisement also.

After this advertisement “FOGG” went viral as ‘MEME’ in India. This leads to a 12% increase in “FOGG’s” marketing shares and the valuation of “FOGG’s” reaches ₹8500 crore.

Friends, this is not an amazing marketing stunt. Share for more such amazing articles.

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