17+ Best Hosting in India (2022) | Best Hosting For WordPress, eCommerce [365 Days Tested]


Today we are going to talk about the best hosting in India 2022.

Hello friends, my name is kailash jat. I am doing web hosting review for last 2 years. All the web hosting discussed in today article, I have their active accounts. I have bought a lot of hosting.

Results are based on actual tests. I’m not making my recommendations based on certain features, we don’t do that here. I am going to tell the main points. If you want to read detailed articles, you can find them on my website or in my blog.


You will also get infographic for hosting, where I have told about everything related to hosting in this article. You can find the infographic on; What were the names, plans used for testing, speeds and servers in India or in the US.

Whether you get a free domain or preview the URL, there is a certain amount of uptime. The best plans, load test results and data centers in India is this infographic.


Before proceeding I would like to give a disclaimer, this is not a sponsored article All opinions in this article are based on personal experiences.

If you purchase from the link below, I will get a commission without paying any extra cost for it In fact, you will get a better discount

So if you like my work, you can support me by buying from links.

Best Hosting in India (2022)



So let’s start with Namecheap

This is a very popular company for a domain name registrar.

I didn’t like their performance in hosting let’s start with the pros.

It is very cheap, they have good speed in US, you also get a free domain name for one year.

if I talk about its cons, load handling is not performing well in my case.

Support is very average in terms of hosting In my case there were no backups, uptime can be improved They have no data center in Asia.

Talking about the price, it is quite affordable, I have a stellar plan, it is Rs 1600/year. Then there is Stellar Plus and Stellar Business, which are available at an affordable price.

In my recommendation Namecheap Shared Hosting is cheap but it is not that good.

If you want to make test website, or your audience is from US, where you want good speed and one page website, then it will not load too much,

So in this case you can refer to Namecheap, or if you want to try and test how a hosting works, in this case, you can buy Namecheap.



Next, we have is EasyWP

This is a managed hosting by Namecheap, it is a managed WordPress hosting.

which is exclusively for WordPress only, if I talk about its pros,

It’s very easy to use, speed is really good, it’s cheap, wordpress optimized, it’s good if I talk about its uptime I have got 99.95% from last few months it’s really good uptime,

Talking about its cons, you can host only 1 website, load handling was not good in my case support is average in case of WordPress.

You can’t install any other cache plugin, this is the biggest cheat for me you only get the option of manual backup, there was no automatic backup in my plan.

Talking about its price, you can refer to the starter plan, which is currently priced at Rs 1100, which is a good price, EasyWP Turbo is at a good price,

So EasyWP is quite easy to use and if you have traffic from US and if you need EasyWP Hosting and if you need good speed then you can check it out.

If you have large traffic, you have better options to consider.



The next is Greengeeks, it is a very popular hosting

If I talk about its pros, they have LiteSpeed ​​servers. Their speed is good and it is quite easy to use.

Talking about its cons, I did not like its backup management, I have faced many problems at the time of backup.

I have also mentioned this in my detailed review of GreenGeeks. The uptime was not that great it is only 99.81%, so the uptime needs a lot of improvements.

Talking about its price, it starts from a price of $2.95/mo and it starts at $10.95/mo. Goes to. The plan I had was the Lite plan so if you have an audience in Europe and if you need faster speeds.

Then you GreenGeeks. Can mention I haven’t found any major benefits for this. Load management is not good, support is poor.

Uptime and backup management is also not good.



The next hosting company is BigRock

It belongs to EIG Group, it used to be in EIG Group but now it has been acquired by Newfold Digital. This is one of the oldest hosting company I have been using till date.

GIf I talk about its pros, then you get Hindi Call Support.

It is really good for HTML and PHP scripts. If you are working on Android apps then it is quite economical. You also get the option of Windows hosting.

UPI payment is available and GST invoices can also be collected.

Talking about its uptime, this is it. This is 99.92% result and I think it can be improved further.

It is not optimized for WordPress and support is quite slow. Talking about its price, it starts from Rs 139 and goes up to Rs 579. I have its pro plan which is Rs. 389/month

You will get this price when you buy it for 5 years plus 30% off, you will also get my discount coupon code.

So if you want to make HTML and PHP website. If you are looking for call support in Hindi then Bigrock can be a good option for you.

If you are building a WordPress website, then you should not consider BigRock.



The next hosting is Stablehost

Stablehost is contained in the Miss Group. There are many Hosting and Domain Companies in the Miss Group.

If I talk about its Pros, then its uptime is really good.

I have data for last 167 days and uptime is 99.99% which is one of the best out there. Here clustered hosting is used, which results in good uptime. Load handling is used, speed is good in US, site builder is really good.

Talking about its cons, the support is not good. The backup management system was not good and it is not easy for beginners.

Talking about its price, it is currently on discount. You’ll get Starter for $1.75, Pro at $4.25 and I have the Pro plan now.

It’s currently a decent hosting, but I haven’t seen any major benefits. If you are looking for good hosting for US audience then you can check this out.

or you can go with rest of the options.



The next we have is Bluehost

I am going to talk about Bluehost India (bluehost.in). It comes in Newfold Digital. Talking about its Uptime, I got it for 99.92%.

It was good before but recently in September it has dropped a bit. 99.92% is good but still, it can be improved for the month of July and September.

Talking about pros, you get CodeGuard backups. Which is one of the best.

It has an easy to use interface, call support is from India. Indian payment options are available, you will get GST invoice, the price is cheap.

Talking about its cons, the support is average, because it was not good.

The load handling was not good. In my experience the pace was slow. But now that the data centers are in India, I haven’t tested it yet. But my plan is slow. Talking about the price, it starts from Rs 179 per month and goes up to Rs 859 per month.

The best plan is the Choice Plus plan for Rs 299. That’s why Bluehost has been improved and they have Indian data centers as well. Support is currently not good and can still be improved

If you need a hosting that has good uptime and if you have on call support available for WordPress then Bluehost would be a really good option.

Other than that I couldn’t find any strong reason to recommend Bluehost.

not including

There are some companies which I am not including here.


The first is Interserver. I have already done a detailed review of it. I don’t think I need to mention it.


Then there’s Hostpapa. The uptime was 97% and it was really bad. I cannot recommend this hosting.

Note: I have received many recommendations for SiteCountry. This is a very new hosting. I have bought its plan and I am doing my tests on it. Its review will be uploaded by January so be patient.

Scala Hosting

Then there’s Scala Hosting. This is a very popular managed cloud VPS. I did not like the load handling. I have also done a detailed review. That’s why I’m not including Scala Hosting. They are also charging backup fee and they do not have good handling.


The next company we have is HostArmada. This is a new hosting company. But they are doing really well. That’s why I have included it in the list.

If I talk about its Pros, then its speed is good. The load handling was really good. It has good security. It has data centers in India. The customer support of 24*7 live chat is also really good.

The disadvantage is that this is a new company and they are not yet established. Talking about uptime. Uptime was not good in the beginning but uptime has been improved in the last 5 months.

This is also due to the fact that they have shifted to Indian servers. They know they are facing problems with their servers. So they have shifted it and the result of uptime is good after the shift. That’s why I’m including it here.

Pricing starts at $3.59 and goes up to $5.39 and I have the Web Warp plan. You can see it. It’s at 70% off.

If you are using coupon code KRIPESH75 then you will get upto 75% off. So in my opinion HostArmada is a value for money product.

But they are still new, I have seen so many companies that keep coming and going.

So if you are using HostArmada. So I like his team. So I would recommend them. But I suggest you keep the backups separately, as they are still new.

So until they have installed themselves, you will have to keep backups separately.



Next we have InMotion Hosting. This is a very established and popular web hosting company.

Talking about its Pros, you get good speed. It is one of the best for shared hosting. It has good load handling. Backup service is also good.

It has a 90 days refund policy. Which you do not find in any shared hosting. The pricing is good, you get BoldGrid support. They have good uptime and it is 99.96% since last 150 days.

Talk about its cons The user interface is not beginner friendly. Backup charges are additional. Support is slow but knowledgeable. The data centers are in the United States.

Talking about its price, it starts from $2.29/month. I have its power plan which starts at $4.99/month.

So if you have a US audience then InMotion Hosting might be the best option for you to consider.

They have good speed and load handling. They also have good uptime. Support is a bit slow and the user interface is not beginner friendly.

So if you don’t need any further hosting then you can go with InMotion Hosting for US audience.



Next we have Hostinger. I am recommending this hosting since last 3 years as a budget hosting provider. Let’s know the advantages and disadvantages of this year, and whether you should buy it or not.

Talking about pros, the interface is easy and beginner-friendly. You can get good speed. The price is cheap. The load handling is really good. UPI payments exist for Indian viewers. The data centers are in Asia. You also get GST Invoice.

You will also get the training program for which I will tell you later.

Talking about its cons, you get 1 free SSL certificate. Support is slow but it’s good. Talking about uptime, the uptime has been really good over the past few months. First there was downtime. But in the last few months they have recovered from it.

Currently, it accounts for 99.94% which is good for a budget hosting provider. Talking about its price, if there is a Black Friday sale at the moment, then you will get some discount. The three plans are Single, Premium and Business.

The best plan is business. But the premium is still getting more discount. If you use coupon code KRIPESH, you will get additional discount.

If you purchase through my link below, you will get free access to my training program where I have explained in detail how to use Hostinger. You will find the link in the description.

You can find free preview lessons on Thinkific, you can understand the process really well.

So I think Hostinger is still the budget option even in 2022.

If you are just starting your blogging journey, or if you are a beginner then Hostinger would be a good option.

In fact, you will also find my websites which are hosted on Hostinger. Hostinger is slowly improving the services. His team is also improving so it is good to see.

It would be nice if their support improves its speed.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

Next we have A2 Hosting. A2 Hosting is one of the established hosting. Its advantages are: It has good speed. They have a decent loading speed. They also offer a proportional refund policy.

Talking about its cons, the support is average and fast. The quality of live chat support was average in my experience. The price is on the expensive side. You don’t get a free domain.

The uptime for the year is 99.95%. It has improved in recent years. It was down from previous months but it has improved and it is good. But it may improve considering the pricing paid for it.

Talking about its price, it starts from $2.99/month and goes up to $12.99/month. The best plan is Turbo Boost, I have done all the tests in this plan itself.

If you want 100GB SSD storage on this website. So you can mention Startup plan or you can mention Turbo Boost which is the best plan.

So when should you buy A2 Hosting? You can check it out when it’s on discount. If the discount is more than 65% then it can be considered.



The next hosting we have is Fastcomet. I have reviewed Fastcomet 2 times. It is a good hosting company and they have established themselves regularly.

Speaking of pros, the speed is good, the customer support is good. They have data centers in India and the load handling was good. They have a 45 day refund policy. Pricing is affordable.

The uptime is good and it is 99.96% and there was a little downtime too, but after that the uptime is good.

Talking about the price, it starts from $2.95 to $5.95. Goes to The best plan is Fastcloud plus at $4.45/month. The best part of this is that you get this price in 1 year plan.

Most of the hosting companies provide their best pricing with a tenure of 3-4 years. Here you are getting the best price in a period of 1 year. So if you want hosting for 1 year then you can look at Fastcomet which will be a good option for you.

You will get good speed, loading and uptime.



The next hosting company we have is ChemiCloud. I have reviewed it 2 times. This is a good hosting company. They come with LiteSpeed ​​servers.

Talking about pros, the support is really good. This is one of the best supports I have ever received in 2021. Speed ​​is good. Good to handle the load. You get LiteSpeed ​​servers and a free domain for lifetime.

Which means you will get a free domain for the time you plan on them. The data centers are in India. The refund policy is 45 days

You get free migration for up to 50 cPanel accounts. I have not seen such migration in any web hosting company. I haven’t found any major opposition.

The uptime is 99.94% which is good and can be improved. Uptime has been good for the past few months. There was a drop last year but the uptime has been really good since then.

Talking about the price, it starts from $3.95 to $10.95. Goes to I have pro plan and if you need more discount you can use my coupon code. which is in the description.

So if you are planning to buy a hosting for 3 years then Chemicloud is a good option. Speed, load handling and support are good.

If you want it for eCommerce. So you can refer LiteSpeed ​​server which will help you.



Next to you hosting is Rocket.net it is a new web hosting company and it is different from web hosting company. Here you get the support of Cloudflare Enterprise CDN. So you get all the benefits of Cloudflare Enterprise.

Talking about the pros, you get all the benefits of Cloudflare Enterprise. You get decent speed, uptime, and security. Staging functionality. The load handling is done properly. Backups are maintained properly. The team is really good. Now they are supported by Ezoic ads.

Last time, Ezoic ads weren’t supported by them, now they are.

Talking about cons, you do not get email hosting. It is expensive for beginners, and the backup restoration process was a bit problematic until recently.
Mostly the experience was good but one of the restoration processes was not happening. After raising a support question, it took 3 hours to restore the backup.

As for the price, it will be available at $30/month. Starter plan providing 2,50,000 visits, I have starter plan. You can give these a try as this launch is on special offer.

If this offer ends then I have discount coupon code KRIPESH, you will get 3 months discount. So in my opinion, Rocket.net is good but not for beginners.

If you are not making money from your website then buying Rocket.net is not worth it. But if you are earning good money from your website then maybe this is a good option.
Value provided by: Cloudflare Enterprise, security, good uptime, speed and CDN is also good.

If you are going to buy it separately then the price will also increase.

So in this case it is really good if you are earning money from blog.



So the first one is Cloudways. Cloudways is the managed hosting provider on top of the unmanaged hosting provider. Vultr, Digital Ocean, is a managed interface on top of AWS. so that it can be operated easily.

Talking about its pros, it has good speed, it handles the load really well. It is one of the best out there. The uptime is also really good. There are global data centers, which means you get the options of AWS, Digital Ocean and Vultr as data center options. There are managed cloud servers, it is scalable and you can increase your server capacity according to the traffic.

The customer support is really good. The pricing is good and you can pay it monthly, you don’t need to pay it for a year. There is no additional renewal fee which is the best part. This means that you do not need to pay extra. Con is, email hosting is not provided.

If I talk about the plans, the Digital Ocean plan starts from $10/month. The limit gets pretty high depending on the resources you need.

That’s why I believe Cloudways is one of the best hosting providers for 2022. The value provided is really good for the money he is charging, so I am using that as well.

You get all the benefits of cloudserver and if you have traffic which is 1 lakh . is above. Then Cloudways is one of the best options.

Compared to WPEngine and Kinsta, Cloudways is providing better value for money product.

My recommendation

I will summarize the article.

Best Overall Hosting: Cloudways
Best Budget Hosting: Hostinger is really a good option
Best Hosting Support: ChemicCloud is the best
Best for Blogs: Cloudways, FastComet, Hostinger, Chemicloud, Rocket.net
Best for eCommerce: Cloudways, Chemicloud, Rocket.net
Best Speeds: In Cloudways, Rocket.net, and Shared Hosting: InMotion speeds are really good
Best for HTML and PHP - BigRock, Chemicloud, FastComet
Best for .net: BigRock is a good choice,
Best for Beginners: Hostinger
Talking about ease of use – Rocket.net, Bluehost, Hostinger are easy to use.
Talking about Indian payment options: Hostinger, Bluehost, BigRock, GoDaddy support UPI.
You also get GST Invoice.
Best Call Support: Bluehost
Best Uptime – Rocket.net, Cloudways and Stablehost have really good uptime.
In Managed VPS: A2Hosting, Fastcomet is a good option.
For sitebuilders: InMotion Hosting BoldGrid is really good.
Best for Indian audiences: Cloudways, Chemicloud, Fastcomet, Rocket.net and Hostinger.
Best for US Audience: Hostinger is a good budget option.
Monthly Payment: Cloudways is really good and Interserver. (if you are looking for a cheaper option)
Best for 1 year: FastComet is a good option if you want it for one year.
Best cPanel Hosting: FastComet, Chemicloud, both are good.
Talking about free domains: ChemiCloud, Hostinger, Bluehost, HostAramada, InMotion, Namespace.
Free Migration: ChemiCloud offers decent migration.
Best for Developers: Chemicloud, A2 Hosting are really good options.
Best for Unmanaged VPS: Hostinger is a really good option.
As for load handling: Cloudways and Rocket.net have really performed better.
Best Refund Policy: With 90 days InMotion is the best, which A2 Hosting offers on pro-rata basis.

Final word

So that was all for this article. It took a lot of time and effort to make this article. So if you liked this article then you support me by buying from the link mentioned in the description.

It really helps me a lot so that I can bring such detailed unbiased review articles regularly.

You will also get the link and discount coupon code.

If you have read the article till now, then definitely share it.

If you have any questions, you can ask me in the comment section below.

so that’s all for it

Thank you for Redding.

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