Chobbar Movie Download, Vegamovies 720, 1080p [Punjabi]

Chobbar Movie Download: Hello friends my name is Kailash. Do you also want to download Chobbar Movie. But you tried hard to download the movie but you could not succeed, no problem. In today’s article, I will teach you how to download movies. By the way, I know who does not like watching movies, but when you go to any movies website, there are too many ads. And you are not able to even download and you come back disappointed.

Chobbar Movie is based on Action. I will give this movie download link for you up to 720, 1080p HD & 4K so that you will be able to watch this movie in Full HD. Chobbar movie has been made in Punjabi language. Let me tell you that this movie is not in Hindi language only Punjabi. The IMDb rating of the movie is 7.9 out of 10. It means that this movie has been liked by a lot of people.

Chobbar Movie Download, Vegamovies 720, 1080p [Punjabi]
Movie NameChobbar
IMDB Rating 7.9/10
DirectorManeesh Bhatt
Writing creditsDheeraj Rattan, Manila Rattan
Produced byKv Dhillon (producer), Dheeraj Rattan (creative Producer)
WritersDheeraj Rattan, Manila Rattan
Top castSukhwinder Chahal, Gurteg Guri, Seema Kaushal, Rishad Mahmud, Honey Mattu, Yaar Narinder and more.
Release date11 November 2022 (India)
Quality480p, 720p, 1080p & 4k

Chobbar Movie story

In Chobbar movie, the hero leads an adventure life from his childhood. After some time, he is showing stunts in a well inside a fair which is called the well of death. And after enjoying there, he comes to his home. After that he acquires enmity with some mafia people. Then he keeps running away from each other lion but in the end there is a very simple fight. And money is also misappropriated.

Hero robs a bank from which 1 person steals some diamonds from the tax which happen to be diamonds of a mafia don. And he gets the police to follow him due to which Hero has to run away from there. Then the hero kept on running for many days, after that the police caught him, yet he got released and ran away. Then the mafia don himself goes to catch him, yet Hero is unable to catch him.

The mafia don catches him and hands him over to the police, then the hero fights with some people inside the jail and after that a new twist of the movie comes in which the double role of the hero is said to be a villain. I have told this much, rest if you want to know then you must go to the letter and watch the movie.

Chobbar Movie Download Vegamovies

See my dear friends, there are many movies websites on the internet. And some are absolutely free but you do not get what you search in Google and you also get some movies website. On which Chobbar movie is available. But still there are too many ads on that website and there are pop up ads due to which you are not able to download the movie. But in today’s time there is a big website like Vegamovies. Those who upload movies on their website in a very simple way.

everyone can easily download movies from there because its UI and design are very good, due to which it is easy for the user to understand. By the way, friends, let me tell you that if you download Chobbar movie in this way, then it is absolutely illegal. Because the director of a movie spends crores of rupees to make a movie. And if you download and watch it like this, then you can also think how much loss it will cause.

Chobbar movie cast, director, budget, box office collection

Now we will talk about some personal things of Chobbar movie like its cast, what was its budget and who was its director etc.


Chobbar movie that cast our dear friends:

  • Jayy Randhawa
  • Drishty Talwar
  • Seema Kaushal
  • Honey Mattu
  • Sukhwinder Chahal


The most popular director of Chobbar movie is Mahesh Bhatt.


The budget of Chobbar movie is around 15 crores.

India box office collection

The box office collection of Chobbar movie is around 1 to 2 crores on the first day, after that I haven’t got the data till now.

Chobbar movie Trailer

Now let us talk about the trailer of Chobbar movie.

Chobbar Movie Trailer was released on 1st October 2022 on Song MP3 YouTube channel. Due to the full support of the fans, the trailer got 3 million plus views in no time. By the way friends let me tell you that Punjabi Songs Please Ek Baar Punjabi movie trailer has been released on Geet MP3 channel.

Chobbar Movie Telegram Channel

Friends, I am happy to tell you that you can download this movie from Telegram as well. Slowly Telegram is becoming very popular. Because on this you get a lot of movies for free and it is similar to WhatsApp. But very large movies files can be uploaded in it. Because I will give you the link of some telegram channel below where you will definitely get the file of Chobbar movie.

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Final word

You my dear friends, in this article today, that’s all I hope from you that you must have liked this article and will definitely be successful in downloading Chobbar Movie. If you like Mera Yaar Tikla, then you must share it with your friends. I will meet you in this new article like this.

Disclaimer – It is a crime to pirate any movie and download pirated movie. Our website does not recommend downloading movies from any kind of illegal website. Because it takes the hard work of many people, so if you are a movie lover, then pay attention to these things as well.


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