Dark World Of Instagram How Instagram Is Destroying Youth ? | Business Case Study


Molly Russell commits suicide a day after seeing self-harming content on Instagram. And in the police statement her father says that Instagram helped kill my daughter.

A Class 12 boy from Gurgaon, committed suicide by jumping from an 11-floor building at 11.30 pm.

Truth Behind Instagram

After which the investigation revealed that he was harassed on Instagram. 15-year-old Emily Silva says she looks great on Instagram when I see girls around her town

I feel bad and I feel very insecure today because of social media every 3/1 girls have body image problem Boy or girl, every 1/5 person is suffering from depression and anxiety.

Everyone is feeling anxious or insecure seeing slim bodies, images on Instagram today and fair and acne-free skin.

The Rise of Ok Instagram

And how dangerous all this can be, you cannot even think about it. But it was not always so. Today it is the largest advertising center in the world. Would anyone have imagined even in a dream, the app that 100 people never used. One day it will be so big that your time, money and life will control everything.

What is the story behind it? A small application started by a small company, how did it become so big? And what are the secrets of Instagram? Which is kept hidden from all of us.

How Instagram was started?

In 2004, Kevin Systrom, who was studying at Standford, approached him to create a Mark Zuckerberg photosharing feature for his Facebook. Kevin Zuckerberg was impressed by the idea but turned down the offer as soon as his friends told him no.

Kevin in his final year of college, Odeo. Go to a company named “Twitter” today for internship there. After college, he gets a job in the marketing department of Google. But he leaves her too. And finally at “NextStop,” a social travel recommendation startup starts working there.

And this is where he gets the idea for his startup. Kevin goes side by side with location-based social networking and he created a photo-sharing app. Which was named Barban. That comes from her favorite whiskey.

But there was a big problem. That problem was neither the user interface of the burn good looking and it was not easy to use. Plus both the app and the features were so confusing that people couldn’t figure out how to use it? Because of this hardly anyone has used this app.

In fact Bourbon barely had 100 users in their early days. And interestingly, not everyone was happy with this app. But there is a catch. And the name of this catch is “Silicon Valley Wave”.
In 2009-2010 there used to be investor parties. Where is the USA in Silicon Valley in Tech Startups?

Investors used to spend a lot because they knew that even 1/10 startup works then they would make billions. At such a party, Kevin presents his idea of ​​Bourbon. And guess what, $50,000 in funding gets Kevin. And this is where it all starts.

After this funding, Kevin’s college friend Mike Krieger who was the co-founder of Burbn noticed one thing that Burbn still doesn’t have any new users even after working so hard. He goes in and talks with existing users of Burn to fix that. You tell me, what is the problem with this app?

And after talking to them, he comes to know that half of the users do not know how to use the app. And interestingly, checking the features and virtual prices had nothing to do with people. There’s only one thing that excites them. And that is sharing photos.

The Growth Of Instagram

And seeing this Kevin and Mike burbn. Let’s remove all feature starts focusing on photosharing feature only. And finally Bourbon was created as Instagram. In the year 2012, there was a mobile application at that time, it was the favorite of smartphone users. The name of that application was Retrica.

Retrica just started and in a short time they have more than 2 million users. This was because people on Retrica put filters on their photos, they used to beautify them, it was very attractive to the people of that time. Seeing this, Instagram also added a filter feature to the app. And the result was everyone leaving Retrica and coming to Instagram.

And why not? Both the fun on Instagram filters and photosharing were available in one place. Now there was another problem. The growth of Instagram was so much. Kevin and Mike had a problem handling it. 25,000 launched on AppStore in 1 day and more than 1 million users who visited the app in a month. The app was crashing repeatedly. People kept uploading filtered photos on Instagram.

Problem with Instagram

This attracted more people and many more joined. And in no time the size of this circle kept on increasing. Two factors play a big part in Instagram’s exposure growth.

  • No. 1. Good product.
  • number 2. Great timing.

Instagram attracted celebrities by launching what was a great product at the right time. Like Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. His presence led to many people visiting Instagram. And then the growth of Instagram reached the next level.

Now there was a big problem. That problem was vague clutter. Now celebrities and ordinary people. Everyone was joining Instagram. And likes and followers were people’s digital currency. Because of this there were huge fake and bot accounts on Instagram. Now the founders were in trouble. But the strange thing is that now Instagram has more than 5 million users.

And interestingly, only 4 people were managing the company. As Instagram continued to grow the platform and they expanded their team of 4 people to 13 people to handle the clutch on it. And one day Kevin gets a phone call. And who knew that this one phone call would change the lives of Kevin, Mike and 100 million Instagram users forever.

But whose phone was that? And what did they talk about on that phone call? And what happened after this phone call. Who changed our lives forever. Millions of crores of content is posted on social media every day. Every day someone keeps on making something or the other.
But have you ever thought? In between, only a few ingredients perform well.

The same happens with businesses. There are only a few businesses that work properly. And other businesses fail. Be it business or material. There are some reasons behind both of them going viral. “the tipping point”. If you have read this book then you must have come to know about those things because of which any business or content becomes viral.

At present, Facebook dominates the world of social media. But have you ever thought? How did all this happen? Well the reason behind all this
“Facebook Maker” is in the book. Now I know as always who reads the books. Nor does anyone have that much time and reading books is also very boring. So you too can do what I do.

Facebook Instagram Acquisition

Who called Kevin? And what did he talk about? Kevin picks up the phone and the sound he hears they’ve heard it once before.
The call was none other than Mark Zuckerberg. And as soon as he picks up he says one thing straight away I want to buy your company. And they offer Kevin $1 billion.

what else? Kevin signs the deal. During this acquisition, Kevin was promised that Facebook would never interfere with the functioning of Instagram. Kevin can run Instagram however he wants. Actually, Facebook has acquired Instagram Instagram had a technical infrastructure solid backing.

Instagram | dark world

In the year 2012, did anyone even dream that an 18 month old mobile application with no proper business model would one day be so dangerous for all of us? Very few people know this. Instagram’s Terms of Service have been changed several times after Facebook acquired Instagram.

In fact, after this acquisition in 2012, Instagram openly stated that it has the right to sell your photos without your payment or notice.

How Facebook Charged Instagram

By 2015, Kevin and his team manually decided which position should be promoted? And which post should not be promoted? Also the ads that ran on Instagram were manually and personally approved by Kevin and his team.

Dark side of Instagram

But in 2016 Facebook deployed an ad revenue algorithm on Instagram. Who changed our lives overnight. Have you ever wondered why the like button on Instagram is heart shaped and red in colour? Or why do they send you notifications for every like and every follow on Instagram? And nowadays you can see those people’s profiles on your feed.

the ones you don’t follow. But have you ever wondered why all this happens? And this is where the dark side of Instagram begins. As soon as you open Instagram Instagram Your Likes, Follows, Camera, Microphone actually your phone’s photo gallery starts collecting data from all these things. Your social profile is created from this data. And the algorithm gets more data as you scroll through Instagram.

Because of this, the algorithm becomes more and more powerful. And the Instagram algorithm tracks your scrolling speed. Instagram will show you something if you are scrolling fast. This will slow down your scrolling speed. And you will spend more time on the platform. The more time you spend on this forum. These companies attract your attention by showing you lots of advertisements.

I know you must be thinking what is wrong with that? Well the truth is, this thing is much more dangerous than what you see. So now listen to me very carefully these are the 2 factors that make Instagram highly addictive.

Number 1. Unpredictability.

You don’t know what you’ll find on the app.

number 2. randomness.

You can do anything as soon as you open the app. You go anywhere from anywhere. You don’t get either. Unpredictability and randomness These two things cause dopamine to be released in your brain. And as the dopamine goes out you’ll feel like you’re using Instagram more.

But do you know that this dopamine has a huge effect on our behavior. The name of that side effect is scrolling doom. Doom scrolling means you don’t know what you want to do. what do you want to see? Just because you’re looking at the information in front of you in a blank way, you just keep scrolling and keep going.

And because of this you spend hours on Instagram but it does not benefit you. But these companies make a ton of profits. The problem is not in the algorithm or the dopamine. The problem is without the effort of dopamine. And so if you are a lazy and unproductive person then you are more profitable for these companies. And incidentally if you are not like that then these companies will leave no stone unturned to make you like that.

There is no free lunch in this world. I repeat, there is no free lunch in this world.
And the cost of using social media is more than that cost money. Do you know the real cost of using Instagram?
The real cost is the life you could have lived by working on your goals. And the interesting thing is that it all does not end here. But this is where it ultimately starts.

As you start using more and more social media, your social anxiety keeps on increasing like this. And when it goes up then one thing happens with these 2. Unknown state of depression. Meaning you don’t know what you are tensed about?
What are you worried about? And the number 2 fake lifestyle. Now you are under stress after seeing the life of others on social media, so you also decided that you too will show your life on similar social media.

How Instagram Changing Lives?

You will find fake likes and followers on every other profile on Instagram, and in every other household someone has become an influencer. Because of this, their mind watching it constantly goes into a state of comparison. Then comparing his Instagram life to his real life starts feeling bad about himself.

Seeing that person’s Instagram life making you feel bad about yourself is 99% likely that they are more stressed than you. Because failures and downfalls are part of every person’s life.

impact of Instagram on Youth

But you have never seen anyone posting these things. According to research on One High Protector there are 16 million fake influencers in India. And interestingly you are the person who sees those fake influencers make you feel bad about yourself.

And the advantage is only for those Influencers and Instagram. Now what is the most important solution to all this? Should you delete Instagram? No, but the right solution is a social media detox. And this detox has two parts. The first one is completely cut. Delete all social media apps for the next 20 days.

And then move on to the second part. That is to end your use. Create a set pattern or a set rule I would not use more than that per day. And reinstall the app after 20 days. Answer: Stick to your use.
Let me tell you one interesting thing when you reinstall after 20 days there is a very high chance that you will not feel like using it.

And most importantly don’t make any content creator a celebrity in your mind. Because when you do this, inferiority arises in your mind. Which causes depression and anxiety. I am neither a YouTuber nor a business coach. i am just a teacher who works in short time interesting way i want to teach all the things which we are not taught by school or college. So if you want to know the truth about Ola Electric.

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