How To Renew Expired Domain? | What happens when the Expired Domain?


Today we will learn about Expired domain and its subsequent process. All A-Z concepts in today’s article.

Hello friends, my name is kailash jat. Today we are going to talk about domain expiry and for example if I have bought a domain on 1st November 2021 and if it is expiring on 1st November 2022.

If I haven’t paid for its renewal. So what are the next steps. how can i update it. After how much time it will be listed in the market and how much extra charge will I have to pay?

Today we will know everything in this article. Has your domain ever expired? Let me know in the comments below. How much have you paid for its renewal? Do tell this in the comment below.

Expired Domain

Expired Domain / cyber Squatting

Before I tell you about domain expiry, you must know about domain or cyber squatting. If one is registering for such domain. who already has a registered user in the same domain or who already has a trademark or copyright of such domain.

So this is a type of trademark infringement. And the sole purpose of registering it is to sell it later at a higher price. So it is Domain Squatting Sometimes this happens when a domain name is expired.

grace period

So first of all you have a grace period. This is that time period. When the domain name expires and the domain registrar offers a grace period to renew the same domain name at no extra charge. The grace period completely depends on the extension and its type and the domain registrar.

So every domain registrar has different rules for this and it is usually in namecheap that if your .com domain name expires. So you get a grace period of 30 days. You can renew within that time at no extra charge.

redemption period

After the grace period, there is a redemption period. You can buy your domain name after the redemption period. But you have to pay extra charge which is redemption fee. This fee again depends on this.

Who is your registrar and what is your extension along with the time period of your extension. The redemption period is usually 30 days. So in total you get 60 days to buy your domain name.

As the time period of 60 days expires. The domain name is kept pending and phased out.

Deletion period

This is usually for 1 to 5 days and the domain name can be acquired after this phase. As soon as the time period of 5 days expires. The domain name is then listed on the market for purchase.

So this is the process. When the domain name expires. We can also search for those remaining domain names. which are about to end. The website for this is expireddomains.net. This is not a sponsored article. I am saying this because I am using it.

So you have to register it for free and then you have to log in and click on pending – delete you can get many domains from here.

Finding Expired Domai

You can almost trace that date. When these domains are about to be removed. You can find such domains. which are about to expire. So if you get some o domains then you can use them on your blog.

You can also use some filters. I usually apply the filter for English domain names. Characters only as option If I want to select any domain I can do it from here. I can add some domain names from here.

You can apply filter option and then from here, you can find the domain names which are in pending delete. So here is a good domain name. Next domain not available.

Since it doesn’t have a domain name, it will be removed soon. So if you are targeting this domain name then you can buy it.

Final word

expired-domains.co is a good website. Where you can get good domain names and great ideas. So visit the website and you will find some good options there. So that’s all for it.


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