How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Website in 2022 (hosting, Theme)

hi do you want to make an affiliate marketing website and make passive income online i have a good news. Amazon has one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs and it is quite simple to join my name is kailash and in this article I am going to show you how you can create an amazon affiliate website. So that you can start earning money online.

Let’s start by explaining what the Amazon affiliate program is and why people are attracted to it. Amazon affiliate program helps you to earn money online through commission. When your website visitors buy Amazon products that you promote through your unique affiliate link. You will get a percentage of that sale depending on the type of product, for affiliates the commission percentage goes from one to twenty percent so that you can earn one hundred dollars to twenty thousand dollars depending on the price and the type of products you promote. Month, of course, the number of people visiting your affiliation to website can also affect your income.

Which is what makes this program great. Huge gallery of products available on Amazon so you can choose any place you want. Another advantage of joining this program is that Amazon is a well-known and trusted platform. It will be easier for you to convince people to shop now that you know the benefits of joining the program. I am going to share step by step instructions on how to create Amazon affiliate website.

Choosing a Suitable Hosting Plan

First we will start with getting a reliable hosting service for your website. When choosing a hosting plan check out its storage server features interface and also consider which platform you want to use to build your website in this article. Let’s create our Amazon affiliate website using WordPress.

Hostinger offers several WordPress hosting plans that can handle 10,000 to 2,00,000 visitors per month to start with. I recommend getting Business WordPress Alternatives. This plan can handle one lakh monthly visits and 200 gigabytes of SSD storage. You will also get a free domain, an ssl certificate for purchasing the hosting plan and name the custom email that you want. Select that and choose a subscription term that you can avail discount by opting for a longer plan.

Web Hosting Plan Log in to your account and claim your domain name Choose an available domain that is easy to remember and perfect for your branding. Then enter your personal information to complete the domain registration. You now have a website that you can customize to suit your brand.

Customize Your Affiliate Website

There are many ways to design your Amazon affiliate website home ground, for example. Uses a comparison table in its articles to keep all products in one place and directs visitors to Amazon with this option. All the buttons that direct Amazon visitors to one place make it easier for visitors to browse different products.

Another example is the wire cutter which separates the products into lists and gives detailed reviews for each with this design. You can highlight each product better so it is a good design choice. If you want to share more information or you can create an Amazon affiliate website that looks like the best reviews that shows products quickly.

This design is similar to having your own store instead of a blog designed for your website. This is a great way to highlight the number of products you have to offer. Now I’ve shown you some great examples to give you an idea of ​​what kind of design you want for yourself. On your WordPress dashboard select Appearance & Theme on the top and left menu of the website, then click Add New to get the appropriate theme for your Amazon affiliate website.

How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Website in 2022

I recommend looking for a lightweight and SEO friendly team For example Astra has a highly customizable team to help optimize your affiliate website for a super fast performance. I also recommend a page builder such as Elementor or a page builder that often comes with a drag and drop interface that simplifies the customization process by having the page builder head to the plugins and click Add New that you want to insert. can do.

Enter page builder name or just page builder in the search box. Another way to add features to your affiliate website is by using an e-commerce plugin for example woocommerce can help you easily add products to your website and even more There are affiliate plugins that can help. Your Website You can find a link to our recommendations in the description below when designing your affiliate web site Make sure clear branding and navigation is key to consistency in branding style and color and increasing conversions once you are done with website design Requires navigation.

Start adding some posts to your website One of the requirements to join the Amazon Affiliate Program is to have at least 10 unique and original content pieces. You can create news articles, product reviews, lists, how-tos, tips and tricks or any other. The type of content that suits your branding.

How to Become an Amazon Affiliate?

Now don’t worry to join the head of Amazon Affiliate Program at we have also included the link of this page in the given description. Start by clicking on the country options in the top right corner and select the appropriate one for your account then click Sign up to register your website. Enter your account information first and add your name address and phone number then enter your website address and click Add your preferred store ID for your Amazon account.

I recommend using the same name. For more consistent branding you will also need to explain the domain of your affiliate website what your website is about and choose a theme that best describes your site. How do you drive traffic to your website. How do you use it to generate income? How do you usually make Links how many visitors your site gets each month. The main reason you joined this program and how you heard about the Amazon Affiliate Program, finally enter your payment and tax ID information before going to your dashboard.

Choosing the Right Niche to Target

Another essential part of joining the Amazon affiliate program is deciding on your target niche. Choosing a niche helps increase your authority making it easier for visitors to trust the products you promote. Less competition means less competition so be sure to choose your niche wisely. Here are some steps to find a suitable niche.

First find a topic that you are passionate about. If you have a lot of interest in the specific topic then it will be easier to create content about it that you can engage with. Better and more authentic with audience Second check Amazon commission rates Different types of products have different rates for example you can get 10% commission from luxury beauty products On the other hand products like toys – furniture, pantry, headphones and Many others can only get three.

You can see the complete list on Amazon Affiliate Program website and the link is also available in the description below. I do not recommend choosing a niche with a commission rate below three percent. Unless you already have high traffic to your site. Next take a look at the prices of the products you’re usually most interested in.

The more expensive the product the more money you will get. But you don’t want to be too specific with the products you promote. Sometimes people are more likely to buy products with lower prices faster. Therefore it is important to have a good balance. A sweet pot is to look for products with prices between thirty dollars to five hundred dollars.

How to Get the Amazon Affiliate Links

You now have a website. To have an Amazon Affiliate Program account and target niche further you want to start adding products to your website in order to get paid from this program. You’ll need to use the unique Amazon affiliate link Log back into your Amazon affiliate program account to enable the site’s TRAI feature Head to Tools and select the Site Stripe option and click Learn and toggle the switch to Try Site The bar will appear on the product pages and you can directly get the link from there.

Each link you generate will contain a cookie to follow visitors to your website who click on your link. This cookie will last for 24 hours after the website visitor clicks on the affiliate link, so you will get your commission if the visitor makes a purchase within 24 hours.

Tracking Analytics and Promotion

After adding products to your website, I also recommend tracking your traffic engagement and conversions using analytics tools like Google Analytics or Monster Insights to see if your affiliate website is working.

You can also see which pages you need to promote and what to improve if you are getting a lot of traffic. But not conversions, then you will need to change your strategy and target audience, I also recommend using social media platforms to promote your affiliate website and expand your audience.

Final Tips

Now here are some final tips for building an Amazon affiliate website. Be sure to disclose your affiliate links first Transparency is very important in affiliate marketing and your audience has a right to know if you are making money from their purchases. It is also necessary to make three sales in six months to avoid activation so make sure there is consistent traffic before applying as an Amazon affiliate.

Use image and link option at the end if you want product image on your website then avoid downloading product image from Amazon and uploading it on your website. You can’t add the link to your image manually If you want to use your own image you must add the link as text.

video tutorial

watch this video and get full information for Amazon Affiliate Website

Final word

You are ready to go to this article. I have explained the benefits of Amazon affiliate program and the steps to build an Amazon affiliate website. I have also shared some tips to help you become a successful affiliate.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below and I will answer them immediately. If you liked this article then do share it with your friends and family.

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