How to Buy a Domain Name | Best Practices for Buying a Domain in 2022

Every website needs a domain name so that it is easily accessible to users. Luckily the steps to buy a domain name are very simple my name is kailash and in this tutorial I am going to show you how to buy a domain name in 5 simple steps.

Find a Registrar

It is very important to find the right registrar to buy your domain name first. A domain registrar is a company responsible for registering and managing domain names. Your selected domain registrar will affect your website for years to come. If you choose an unrecognised registrar you can be terminated.

How To buy a Domain Name

Paying hidden fees or even scamming, but there are hundreds of domain registrars out there. So where do you start with a reliable registrar? Recognized for names and numbers specified by Internet Corporation or for example ICAN is an accredited registrar. So you can rest assured that registering your domain name through our website is safe and secure.

But even after checking the ICNN list for accredited registrars you may still be confused as to which one to go with as many of them offer similar services to choose the appropriate domain for your needs. Registrar’s Pricing Domain Expiry Policy Additional Services and Support on Hosting Here we offer competitive prices and transparent renewal costs for popular domain names.

Every purchase also gets free domain privacy protection to help protect your personal information from the public. We also offer a dedicated 24×7 support team that is ready to assist you with any questions.

Use Hostinger’s Domain Checker

But in this article let us look at how to buy a domain name from scratch first head on over to our domain checker tool to find an available domain name.

The link is listed in the description below once you visit the domain checker page. You will see several options for this. Key extensions are also known as top level domains. It is important to note that different domain extensions have different prices. There are also different types of top level domains.

First a country code tld or cctld represents specific countries An example of this is the dot US domain which is cctld for websites located in the United States so we have extensions like dot gov or dot edu. These dlds are limited to certain types of organizations also known as sponsored tlds. Many of you will use the normal tld which is available for any type.

Website most popular examples include dot com and that net make sure to choose a domain extension that represents the purpose of your website because you sing wrong tld can confuse site visitors for this reason I recommend sticking to .com I recommend whenever possible now enter your desired domain name in domain checker tool then click on search button if no one else has registered that domain the tool will show message domain is available in this case.

Use Hostinger’s Domain Checker | domain available

You can go ahead and proceed with the domain registration if it shows that the domain is taken. Which means it is unavailable for purchase. But don’t worry what’s great about Hostingers. The main checker tool is that it will also present you more options. It will show the various available TLDs for the domain name you requested. If you scroll down you will also see alternate titles. Which give you different versions of your desired website name.

Choose Your Domain Name

Since your domain name is an important factor for the branding of your website. So it is important to fix it the first time by following some best practices. Here are 4 tips on how to choose a good domain name.

  • First you want to make sure it is future proof. About 10 to 20 years from now will your domain name still work with your branding. Make sure to choose a domain name that will stand the test of time.
  • Keep another domain name short Users tend to misspell long names or may find it difficult to remember to find a domain name that is simple and memorable.
  • Avoid Using Numbers and Hyphens.
  • Made up of a single word or a small set of words, finally choose a name that best suits your niche to learn the most popular keywords or search terms within your industry.

Now it will help you to find the domain name that fits your project. Now you have found the right domain name. With which it is time to move on.

Finish Domain Registration

Once checkout you click on add to cart here and then continue to cart. So you will need to select the registration period. If you don’t already have an account, it’s better to save money in the long run by choosing a longer registration period. Create an account with Hostinger by simply entering your email address or logging into your Facebook or Google account.

Next choose payment method and enter your payment details Once you are done click on secure payment submit to finish your order after processing your payment Hostinger will direct you There will be a setup box in the control panel which you need to register You have to fill in to complete the process. Make sure you fill in all the fields with the correct details including your name, address and contact information.

Which is the official domain ownership database. Will then store this data but don’t worry as I mentioned before hosting your offer Hostinger will start processing your details after you submit domain registration with each domain purchase.

Verify Your Domain Name

You will then receive an email usually within a few minutes of finishing the setup process. Simply click the verification link in the email to verify your contact information. If the email doesn’t appear in your inbox, resend the request from Control Panel.

I recommend you to verify the domain name immediately Waiting more than 15 days will result in temporary suspension of the domain.

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Final word

And that’s all, now you know how to buy a domain name and simplify the registration process. If you find this article useful then let me know in the comment section if you have good luck in your online journey. Now I bid you farewell! Will be back sometime with a new article. You can also follow me on 👇

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