How to Create a WordPress Website in 10 Minutes Using Hostinger

Do you want to learn how to create a WordPress website in less than 10 minutes If the answer is yes then you have come to the right place. Because in this article tutorial I will teach you how you can easily create your own website in few simple steps.

The part is that you don’t need any coding experience or huge investment and I can guarantee you that after following this article you will be able to create your own WordPress website without any problem. So without further ado, jump into building your WordPress website.

How to Create a WordPress Website in 10 Minutes Using Hostinger

Selecting a Hosting Plan at Hostinger

Ok so for our WordPress website we will need hosting and once you reach scroll down. And select the plan that best suits your needs for this article. I am going to use premium shared hosting so let’s click on add to cart choose your hosting package from here.

I am going to keep it for 12 months, here you will be able to create your account select payment method and as you can see with this hosting plan. We will also get free domain name and SSL certificate. Don’t forget to apply coupon code HA10 to get 10% discount on your purchases from here. The checkout process is pretty standard so I’m going to move on to the next part.

Setting up Hosting, Domain, SSL Certificate

This tutorial once you finish checkout. And you log in to your Hostinger account. So you should see something like this. So let’s start by setting up our hosting. Let’s click on setup. Let’s click on get started now and as you remember we got a free domain name. That’s why all we can do is claim our free domain name, click here, enter your desired domain name and click search.

I highly recommend you to choose one as it is the most popular and most recognizable for this tutorial that I am going to use online but like I said I highly recommend you to choose. Enter the .com domain name Click Search and Click Continue Let’s create a new website and let’s choose WordPress and that’s where you need to enter your email address and set a password.

For which you will use those credentials. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard so that’s exactly what I’m about to do can. Let’s click on show more and choose a template we want to use for our WordPress website. Let’s scroll down and click show more I think I’m going to use this template so let’s click select.

And if you want you can even preview this template to see what it’s going to look like. But in this case I’m just going to choose this template. let’s click on select and click on finish setup, it may take few minutes until setup is complete right perfect our website is ready but before we go and go to our website install ssl certificate so let’s Click on Manage Site As you can see we have received a message that our domain name is not yet registered so before we can install the SSL certificate. To end the main registration, then let’s click on End domain registration.

And here you have to enter your details like first name last name address city and so on just enter all required information and once you complete it. So just click on setup from here we can go back to our control panel. Because you can see that our domain name status is active so let’s move on to hosting. Click on manage on our website and now we can install ssl certificate so let’s scroll down till you see ssl right here.

Select it and this is where you will be able to install your ssl certificate. So let’s click on Setup and click on Activate. And all we have to do is just click on install and see as you can the ssl certificate was installed successfully and if your ssl certificate fails to install then it usually happens.

Because your domain name registration hasn’t expired, it usually takes about two hours. so wait a little time say about an hour or two and try to install ssl certificate once again and you should not face any problem now ok so we have successfully installed our ssl certificate and from here we will proceed You can come and visit us.

Creating a Navigation Menu

Ok as you can see. That’s how our website looks now and it looks great but it contains a lot of demo content which may not be useful for our website. So we can change anything we want. So first we have to log in to our WordPress dashboard and to do that you want to go to your url. Want to add more slash wp-admin Click on Enter. And here you have to enter the credentials that we created earlier to log in to our WordPress website. You can select Remember me and click on Login.

So the very first thing that we can do is that we can go to the home page. Let’s click here to go to the site and as you can see here in the top navigation menu. We have five different pages so we can identify which pages we like. and which pages we would like to remove or rename so that you can see that we have a home page. So I’m going to have a home page, I’m going to have an about me page. i’m just gonna change it i’ll keep the course and i’ll change the page fit to contact us because i believe this page is for contacting us yeah that’s right so yeah. I am about to change this page to contact us and I am about to remove the last page publications and I think I will add another page which is going to be the blog here our visitors will be able to see our blog properly so let’s the pages begin to change.

Let’s go to the dashboard and all the settings related to the pages are done here. Let’s select all pages and as you can see here we have list of all available pages so we can change about ourselves. Let’s click on quick edit and change it once you complete this click update to contact us. And let’s decide which pages we’re not going to use. So obviously we are not going to use the sample page we can put it in the trash and we can do the same with this page. Just like I’m about to rename some other pages.

So I just finished renaming all the pages and now we can add another page named blog and this will be used to display our blog posts so let’s add a title. Give it a name of the blog Click on Publish Once you have done this Click on Publish. And now we can go back to the dashboard so you can see that we now have all those pages. Those we need then the next thing we should do is that we need to set up this blog page to display our blog posts. To do this you want to go to the Settings section and let’s select Reading All Right in this section as you can see from our home page.

The page named Home is set to display and for the post page select Block and click Save changes. So since we are in the Settings section. So we can make another very important setting which is right here permalink and select to show post name this is very important for SEO so let’s click on save changes. So basically yes we are almost done with the pages. But now we have to make some adjustments to the menu. Let’s move on to Appearance, let’s click on the menu and here as you can see because we have removed the publication page it says it is invalid so we have to remove it. Let’s click Remove and we need to add our blog page.

To do this click on Let’s View All Blogs and Click on Let’s Add to Menu OK Click on Save Menu. And now we can go back. Visit our homepage and see how everything looks fine. As you can see now we have all the necessary about us pages. We have courses Contact Us and a Blog Once we click on Blog here we will be able to access our blog posts once you add more blog posts. Everything will be displayed right here so that the next thing we can do we can start.

Adding a Logo and Customizing the Website Using the Astra Theme

To customize our theme you have to click on Customize right here to do so. And let’s start by changing the logo. Let’s click here Click on Edit. And select Change logo because I have already uploaded my logo. I’m just about to select from the article library but if you will need to upload images or media files.

So you can do it right here, okay, so I’m gonna select this logo, I’m gonna click on the crop image, okay, trust me it looks great. I can resize it to make the logo a little smaller yes everything looks great so we can of course click publish and there are more customisation options available. Don’t be afraid to test everything yourself. This way you’ll learn how to use WordPress better. Well all we can do is close this customisation tab and the next thing we can do. That is we can start editing our homepage.

Editing Pages Using Elementor

So since all pages are created with element or we have to edit them using element or so you have to click here to edit this page. Edit with Elementor So let’s start with the first section. We can change the background image so by clicking here we will be able to change this image so let’s click on styles. And as you can see this is the image we have to change let’s click on select image.

And I’m about to select this image OK I’m about to click Insert OK. It looks very good and here we can also make some changes in the text so that you just have to click on it to edit the text. And in this way you will be able to edit the text. Just like what I’m about to replace the text with OK as you can see. that I have finished making changes I have changed the text I have removed some sections that may not be relevant to my website and to remove a certain section all we have to do is click here.

And you will remove it then just using that kind of element or you can edit any page. Once you finish making changes, all you have to do is click on Update and from here we can go back to our page. Click here and click on View OK page. As you can see this is how it looks now it looks a lot better.

Creating Categories, Adding Blog Posts

And the next thing we can do is that we can start adding blog posts.
To do this you want to go to your dashboard and all the things related to blog posts are done here. So before we add our first blog post. Let’s create some categories Click on the categories and as you can see.

That we already have some categories which we are not going to use, we can delete them and we can rename this other category on classified properly by using this section. Let’s add some new categories Click on Add new category and just like that you can add as many categories as you want. ok because we have added some categories we can add a new blog post let’s click on add new and all you have to do is just give a title to your blog post here and add content so that i can do what i do I’m gonna do

ok i just finished adding text to my blog post and as you can see how it is going to look and if you will need to add any other element to your blog post like image list or anything similar That everything can be found here. Once you click on this symbol you will get all available elements. Simply select the element you want to use. And it will be properly added to your blog post.

So once you finished your blog post the next thing you have to do is go to the Documents section and let’s select the category for this post OK. I’m going to select WordPress and set up a featured image. Because I uploaded this image to my gallery I’m just about to select it and if you need to upload an image you can do it by clicking here, OK. I’m just about to set up the featured image and once you’re done you can click on publish and click on publish another time and just like we published our first blog post, we’re going to post this post. And as you can see what our blog post is going to look like, just like we added our first blog post, let’s move on to O’s house.

video tutorial by hostinger academy

Final word

So basically that’s all about how you can easily create your own WordPress website in few simple steps. So it’s very simple as you saw it yourself. It took us only 10 minutes to build this website.

Of course building a website is just the beginning and the whole fun thing begins now. Feel free to visit our seo playlist for beginners to start growing the impact of your website on the web.

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