How to Delete a Theme in WordPress (in just 5 minutes)

You install many themes to make your website beautiful, but when you delete it, it is not deleted properly and some files remain in your hosting.

Hi, I am kailash and in this article I will teach you how to delete a theme in WordPress using three different methods. let’s get on.

Why and When Should You Delete a WordPress Theme?

Why and when should you delete a WordPress theme? It is a common practice to install multiple WordPress themes and test them before deciding on the right option for your website. But too many unused themes are not healthy for a WordPress website.

Here are two main reasons

  • security – You will be less likely to update unused themes correctly, whereas in fact all themes and plugins installed in your WordPress website should be updated regularly, whether you are still using them or not. There may be vulnerabilities that are leaving room for attackers. to access your website.
  • performance – If you have multiple themes installed then your site will not work as fast and efficiently. make it disorganized.

You may also exceed the storage capabilities of your hosting plan and eventually need an upgrade you may still want to use those themes again in the future but really you should to help you figure out which topics you should remove.

Pay attention to these three indicators.

  1. You have activated a new theme so that the previous one is no longer in use.
  2. Theme installed for testing purposes is not suitable for your needs.
  3. The theme is out of date so you have very little chance of using it and haven’t received any updates or support from the developer team for a long time.

How to Delete a Theme in WordPress

On the other hand unused WordPress themes are still necessary in some cases if you are on a WordPress multi-site network. So you cannot delete those themes.

Important Note Before the Deletion Process

  • Don’t delete active themes on a multisite network
  • Don’t delete parent themes if the child theme is in use
  • Use a staging website to test the theme
  • Backup your website

who are currently active on another sub-site. Often webmasters use free themes for testing purposes, so removing them may therefore lead to errors. So remember to cross check with other users on your network before deleting anything if you are currently using its child theme.

So don’t remove unused parent theme, deleting parent theme will cause your child theme to stop working. The errors you’ll have to deal with if you have a staging website, we recommend removing the theme to see how it will affect your website, but before making any changes to your website if you have If it is not better to back up, then it is better to take a backup.

via WordPress Dashboard

Let’s move on to the first and easiest way to remove a WordPress theme. The simplest option is to remove a theme through the WordPress dashboard. For which you only need administrative privileges. Which means you can access and delete themes installed on your WordPress site, here is how you do it.

Navigate to Appearance from your WordPress Dashboard and then choose Theme. The first WordPress theme listed in the directory is your active theme, hover over the inactive theme you want to delete and click on Theme Details. A pop-up window like this will show the details A pop-up warning on delete option will appear in the lower right corner of the selected theme click window Click on OK to delete the theme.

via FTP Client

Users who do not have access to the WordPress admin dashboard. They can use an FTP client to access website files. The FTO method also helps to resolve the error message and the failed deletion subject requested that does not exist This usually appears when the initial deletion process fails.

Delete all theme files from your site so first step is connecting to your ftp after that find wordpress content folder in root directory and open themes folder locate theme you want to remove right click on it and select delete Do then click Yes on the pop-up alert Be extra careful when choosing the theme file Double check if the name of the theme you want to remove matches the file name.

via Hosting CPanel

If you host your website on any hosting then you can also remove WordPress theme from your cpanel dashboard. So instead of using FTP client use file manager to access website files and remove theme here.

how to go to the files section of your cpanel dashboard and open file manager then locate the wordpress content folder in the public html directory then open the themes folder right-click on the theme folder you want to delete and a confirmation message choose delete Click Delete for.

What Should You Do After Deleting a WordPress Theme?

You may still have content left over on your site, such as widgets or dummy content, after your theme has been removed. Your site’s appearance will also change according to the new theme. So it will probably need some adjustments, as well as elements that run on each site you may still need to remove or reconfigure.

Remove Inactive Widgets

Widgets First to check if there are any left over widgets. Go to Appearance and select Widgets Scroll to Inactive Widgets tab and click to expand it Select the widget you want to remove and press the Delete key on your keyboard Alternatively you can delete the widget.

How to Delete a Theme in WordPress (in just 5 minutes)

Selecting it and clicking the Options button in the Tools ribbon Select the Remove widget option from the list Don’t forget to click the Update button to save your changes.

Adjust Menu Placement

Second Menu Placement All WordPress themes provide at least one place to place menus. Usually this is at the bottom of the header or in the footer or in the sidebar. When you activate a new theme, the menu location is higher than the previous one. Might be different so you can rearrange them. Or add a new location depending on what the subject looks like.

Go to Appearance and select Menu You just need to tick the location where you want the navigation menu to appear or you can choose the navigation menu widget if you prefer a different placement. Add a new menu to your widget area You can skip this step if you’re happy with the way your menu appears on the new theme.

Remove Dummy Content

Third dummy content If you ever upload any dummy content such as post pages or images. So to check how they look on theme. Better to remove it from the site. When you access the Posts and Pages section on your WordPress dashboard to locate and remove content.

Adjust or Delete Images

Fourth Images Each WordPress theme has different image settings according to the location of the featured images or to fit the theme layout. Typically you’ll have two options to switch the images to the new theme or to manually delete the ones you no longer use.

Images Open WordPress admin dashboard Go to Media and Select Library You can delete unused images individually or in bulk. To delete an image click on it individually and to delete the images in bulk, select Delete Permanently Click Bulk Select the unused images and click Delete Permanently.

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Final word

This is how you remove a theme in WordPress using three different methods. If you have any further questions leave them in the comment section below and I will be more than happy to answer them. Now I bid you farewell! Will be back sometime with a new article. You can also follow me on 👇

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