How to make your website multilingual in 2022

Does it also happen to you that users from different countries come to your site. But they do not understand the language in which you have written and they return to the users. Today I came up with a plugin to fix this. With which you can make the website multilingual. That too absolutely free.

Hi, my name is kailash and in this article I am going to show you how to make your website multilingual. Let’s go.

Why Make Your Website Multilingual?

As your website grows. There is a high chance that your visitors will become more diverse. They can’t use your primary language. So it is best to facilitate their access by making your site a multilingual site. So that a wider audience can consume your content or buy your products.

Also builds tension and credibility which can help increase conversions. Studies show that consumers are five times more likely to shop from a website that uses their native language. By which your site is multilingual and SEO is also improved when you translate the site content into a different language.

Search engines can crawl and index them as a separate content. This increases the chances of your content getting more clicks which can lead to higher ranking on search result pages.

How to Make Your Website Multilingual?

As your website grows, it’s important to make it multilingual. It can bring many benefits to your site, such as improving your SEO and boosting customers’ trust.

In this article, you’ll learn how to make your website multilingual using Weglot, a WordPress plugin that lets you translate your site into 110+ languages.

It’s the easiest way to make your site multilingual, as it requires little to no coding knowledge.

This article will cover:

  • How to install the Weglot plugin
  • How to set up the plugin
  • Configuring the plugin
  • Editing the translations

Installing the Weglot Plugin

The easiest way to make your website multilingual. In this article by using a plugin we are going to use a popular WordPress multilingual plugin that can translate your site into more than 110 languages. Let’s start by installing it on your WordPress website from your dashboard.

For plugins and select Add New enter Big Lot in the search bar and click Install Now Once it is installed Click on Activate Now that the wiggle is installed on your WordPress website You can find it on the left sidebar of the dashboard You will see the menu click on it you will reach the main configuration page but first you need to create a wiggle account to start using the plugin. Click on the link to purchase the premium plan or start a 10-day free trial. Click on the link if you want to test and explore its features first.

Sent to your email to access the setup wizard. You will see the API key on the next screen, copy it as we will be using it to integrate our website. Then we will get back to the configuration page and input API key Select your default and target languages ​​and click on save changes. Now you will see a language switcher button at the bottom right of your site. Just click on it select another language and there you will have this your web page Translate in your target language.


Configure the plugin now Navigate to the Big Lots menu. Then scroll down to find the Language button design section. Where you can customize the language switcher. We can display the language options as a drop down box or a row. You can also choose whether to include the flag or change the size of the flag in the button and likewise on Wiglot you can also change the position of your language switcher so that you can place it as a menu or widget or if You want to add it to a custom area.

How to make your website multilingual in 2022

So you can either use a shortcode or edit your HTML source code by scrolling down to the translation exclusions section. By default Big Lots will translate every page on your website but you can exclude specific web pages or blogs by listing them here or by creating lines for multiple URLs. The last section provides additional options. Improve user experience for example Auto Redirect feature It works to actually redirect visitors to a specific localised version of your site based on their browser. Language Search WordPress allows them to search your site’s content using their native language. Explore all these available options and once you are finished hit the Save Changes button.

Editing the Translations

One of the aspects that sets Bigalot apart from other plugins is that it provides an advanced machine translation. And provides the option to edit the translated page. It combines the practicality of machine translation with the precision of human translation Click on Edit my translation to start editing it.

Button near the main configuration section You will be redirected to the translation page on your Wigwa dashboard. From here you can manage translations for individual words and phrases. Wigglet also provides a visual editor so that you can edit the translated page directly so you can access the visual editor The translation tab in the Weeka Dashboard optionally opens the pages. Preview wiggle click on the top menu bar and select Edit with Visual Editor Wigload provides advanced features to help you create more precisely translated content with vocabulary tools. You can list those words or phrases.

Users who must live can also translate the premium plan in their default language. The URL lags using the built-in feature of the wiggle. While Wiglot uses some of the best machine learning providers like Google and Microsoft for its automatic translation. It also provides professional translation services which are services provided by reliable professional agencies and users can order. Servers directly from their Wiglot dashboard.

Live Website

Ok so now let’s take a look at our multilingual site. Open any page and you will see that it has the language switcher button in the wiggles at the bottom right of the screen. Simply switch it to the language you want and the page will be translated automatically. It will be much easier for your site visitors to navigate the site in their preferred language.

Final word

And that’s how you make your WordPress site multilingual with the WeekLab plugin. There are other ways to make your site multilingual. But it will require some technical knowledge using the plugin. This is the easiest method and it is also beginner friendly if you have questions about how to make your own.

Website multilingual Do not hesitate to leave them in the comments below and I will be happy to help.

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