How to play telegram video on iphone | watch telegram videos (mkv files) without downloading


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So today I will tell you how to play telegram video on iphone.

Here I try to download this one video. Just by pressing on this download link from one of my telegram channel below it shows some applications and options. So here I try to choose.

“Save to files” option.

And then choose your storage location for iCloud or you can store this file. for your iPhone storage. So here I try to select my iPhone storage.

How to play telegram video on iphone

And then click to save these changes. So after a few minutes I try to check it. Is this file downloaded or not? By bus I my . I try to reach iPhone’s “Files” folder and then you can see. It’s that MKV file so I try to open it.

But unfortunately this file is not opening and it only shows the name of that file. So anyway how to view this MKV files from your iPhone?. And there is only one way. Simply install the PlayerXtreme Media Player application from your App Store, or you can install any media player.

Like MX Player or VLC too. So after i installed this application now once more i try to access the same mkv media file. in my channel because i try to check it.

If this file is open or not. Similarly you can press that video link then it shows the same application in the bottom. But now this time you can choose PlayerXtreme application so that you can customize this notification. And then click “play” then finally you can watch. Now this time this telegram media file is opening successfully.

And it doesn’t show any other error information. So this is the way you can easily play your favorite Telegram videos. by watching my tutorial.

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