Know whether Kohinoor will come back to India now?

Friends, after the death of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, there has been a demand to bring the Kohinoor diamond to India. Yes friends, the Kohinoor diamond of 105.6 carats is considered to be the largest diamond in the world

and it is also said that this diamond was found in the mine of Andhra Pradesh in the fourth century. But after the British occupation of India, in the year 1849, this diamond was handed over to the then Queen Victoria of Britain and later this diamond was inlaid in the royal crown.

But in reality, this diamond is the trust of India, which should be brought back to India. But Britain, on the contrary, is going to give this diamond to the family of the third’s wife by deceit, its new king. By the way, friends, what do you think, when this Kohinoor diamond should

come back to our trust? Will definitely write in comment and do lion for such amazing article.

Know whether Kohinoor will come back to India now?

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