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It’s more than just a love story! The movie is about overcoming the odds against you and becoming a hero in your own life. Your dreams come true because of some crazy choices made by an ordinary man with less but will to succeed. Set in the United States, this film follows three men as they compete for the last spot on one of the biggest stages in America. Each man has their unique way on how he thinks that they can triumph over the others. The main character is Michael Jenson who played by Morgan Freeman but he is not the only actor who does justice on his personal life story. I have watched many films of American history, so I wanted to tell stories about those who stood up for themselves.

Lightyear – Movie Review

The leading role is performed by Morgan Freeman who plays the leading lead and who was born in New York City. He is very active in theater from when he was younger and he went on in college to become an actress. Not having any acting experience or training, he shows off his talent by singing, dancing, and playing basketball, all in different musical roles. Although it has been reported that Michael Jenson may be one of the most talented actors out there, he isn’t ready to perform in front of the camera. His performance in the whole film is amazing and we can’t help but see him as the protagonist trying to overcome his past mistakes. Freeman was very emotional while making his lines and he has become famous throughout the US after some movies such as Taken and Braveheart. There are two other male stars who also played good characters in the movie which might make viewers curious because at the end the film has a clear message which resonates with everyone.

The production team behind this movie is extremely talented. In fact the cinematography of this movie is breathtaking, it makes me want to go into the waterfalls and watch them. It’s funny that every scene in the entire movie has people fighting for the second place, some even willing to die rather than stay and take the risk to play for the first place. When the viewer watches this movie, he/she definitely wants to give thanks like Freeman did to the director and give him the praise he deserved. This is a really touching story, not only because of what the leads are doing but also from the relationship between Michael Jenson and his wife Stephanie. Both these actors gave us the perfect actors who will bring out something special while portraying these characters. As for the female lead, let’s talk about the wonderful cast. Morgan Freeman, Rachel House, Amy Adams, James Marsden, Kevin Bacon, and Emily Mortimer were really great actors to portray the parts which they played well. They were able to show their personality and make your mind wonder and think what could happen if these personalities were given real power. We couldn’t forget our heart when we saw their performances on screen because we thought that we had a great choice in choosing another person to care about and for them to choose to live your passion instead of the common one. We all felt the feelings of this movie just like Freeman did which is why it resonated with all viewers around the world.

As for the ending, I don’t think anyone could disagree with my perception of the ending. Having read the synopsis of this movie, I can say with certainty that they portrayed the right meaning. What really counts about this movie is what it means for you, how you look at the situation, and how you react towards it. You should always keep in mind that what you want to achieve is what you always dream of achieving, no matter how big or small the task is, you are going to try once and you can’t stop until you get it.

If you are looking for inspirational stories to watch, then consider watching Lightyear, please, watch it now and let everyone know about it because you won’t find anything but greatness and beauty on your watchlist. If you would like to hear the opinions, then tell me. Thanks for reading!


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