Top 10 Programming Languages | what to learn in 2022

Hi, my name is kailash and in this article we are going to talk about top programming languages. Let’s start with their pros and cons and career prospects As the demand for coding related jobs remains strong, many people are looking to enhance their CVS even if you are not pursuing a career in the field of learning programming languages. want to make.

This will help you in developing your problem solving and reasoning skills. That’s why I have listed the top 10 programming languages ​​that are worth it.

List of programming languages in 2022

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Swift
  • Go
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • PHP
  • C++
  • C#
  • SQL


Let’s move on to Python first Did you know that many world class companies like Google Spotify Dropbox and Facebook use Python to back end structure their websites.

is a high level general purpose programming language that works for both simple and complex tasks ranging from data analysis and visualization to web development prototyping and automation In addition to versatile python has a clean and simple syntax that is similar to English so this software Accessible to beginners among developers.

It is also a popular scripting language which means it is used for manipulating or automating the features of existing systems. Additionally python is open source so programmers can freely modify the source code to meet their needs. can be modified from .

It also has a strong and helpful online community with over 2 million GitHub repositories to help you through your learning process which said python is not the ideal language to build mobile applications that perform relatively slowly Because it is an interpreted language by mastering python.

You can explore different career paths including data scientist, software engineer, web developer or artificial intelligence researcher. Those that are python developers are in high and increasing demand with the average salary more than 96 000 a year.


JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language in Stack Overflow which is not surprising as almost 98 of all websites use JavaScript for their client-side scripting.

Some of them include Google Facebook Instagram Netflix and Amazon which use Java code to build their websites. The language is often used to improve the interactivity of web pages, for example by adding clickable buttons or hover effects to animated graphics once you’ve mastered JavaScript.

So you can raise the bar by mastering its libraries or frameworks like React for backend or front-end development node.js for Electron. For web applications, which states that JavaScript code may be interpreted differently by different browsers. Which can lead to 10 stable performances.

To 10 Programming Languages

Despite this, it is considered an easy language to learn with online resources ranging from boot camps and courses to YouTube video tutorials. A JavaScript programmer can earn around 90%. 000 ding per year UI & UX Design Full Stack Development or Software Engineering with a wide range of career options.


Exotic Swift is one of the more recent programming languages ​​in the market today. It was launched as an alternative to Objective C which was the primary language for Apple software products. It offers advanced features such as concurrent programming and automatic memory management.

Even though it is not the only language for iOS development Swift is still one of the best and fastest growing. Which said that Swift lacks support for older iOS versions and since it is a relatively new language. So there are constant updates too. So it can be difficult to find a compatible tool if you want.

Build a Career in Apple Product Development Consider Learning Swift as Your First Language Apple offers iOS app development courses in addition to the official Swift development program that covers the language’s fundamentals, making the most of iOS app development. There is demand and apple is the biggest revenue and profit. As an iOS developer yo generator in the smartphone business you can expect an average salary of 70,000$ dollars per year.


Go often called Golang was created to develop API based desktop applications and web applications. While it is one of the fastest growing programming languages ​​recently.

Its syntax is similar to CS. With changes made to make it more concise and readable. Features Concurrent programming. It enables programmers to work with multi-core CPUs and a huge code base combined with its excellent performance ghost concurrency makes it the perfect coding language for creating algorithmic web servers and data pipelines.

That’s why it’s a trusted language used by large-scale apps like Google Netflix and Uber. Luckily it’s relatively easy to learn, especially if you have Java or C knowledge. Its downsides include limited library support and a lack of common functions. Due to its high demand due to scarcity, MasteringGo gives you a chance to access an annual income.

Some of the best job roles for around a million dollars include software engineer, ATA scientist, backend web developer and AI researcher.


Java is a high-level general-purpose programming language owned by Oracle that enables the creation of all kinds of applications, from software engineering and back-end web development to data science.

Java can do it all. This programming language also has strong security that makes it widely used for financial services. Java is an easy coding language because of its syntax familiarity with real-world functions and object-oriented structure. Well known to the right people.

Run Anywhere The coding language Java can run smoothly in any operating system, regardless of where it was written in the past.

However, there are two things to note about Java.

  1. Its execution time is slow.
  2. It often consumes memory.

The demand for Java developers remains high with an average annual salary of over ninety thousand dollars. Some job roles that you can explore after mastering Java. Software Engineer Quality Insurance Analyst Project Manager and UX Designer.


If you are interested in mobile app development. Especially Android apps, so you can choose Kotlin. It is a general purpose open source programming language designed for the Java Virtual Machine.

It combines object oriented with functional programming features. It is considered faster than Java because of its many improvements. It is also lightweight and its code is more concise. If you are familiar with learning Java then Kotlin will be a quick process for total beginners.

Its straightforward syntax means that you will face a steep learning curve. Kotlin is Google’s preferred language for Android development. Therefore there should be career opportunities. The average salary of a Kotlin developer is around thirty thousand dollars per year depending on your skill level, location and years of experience.


php is a very popular language for learning essential back-end languages ​​It is used by 78.1 percent of all websites as it is the primary language for WordPress and almost all of its themes on plugins. This language is used by websites and applications including laravel symfony. Provides many frameworks for development.

And Codeigniter PHP is relatively easy to learn apart from the extensive resources available. Its syntax is elementary but building a website using PHP is slow compared to using other languages.

And you will have fewer debugging tools available in terms of job opportunities. Demand for PHP developers remains high. Despite being one of the oldest languages ​​in the industry, a PHP programmer can earn around eighty thousand dollars of average annual income.


C++ is the advanced version of C and consider the foundation of many programming languages ​​like Java Python JavaScript and by understanding the concepts and fundamentals of C++ there is a high chance that you will easily master other top programming languages ​​because of its versatility. What is C + Makes +?

The best programming language to learn has a fast and powerful nature that lets developers create applications with excellent performance such as video game graphic software and web browsers. A multi-paradigm coding language that supports object-oriented programming, generic and imperative programming learning C++.

Can be a bit challenging for beginners as it has a more complex syntax than other programming languages ​​in terms of job opportunities. C++ proficiency is essential for many professionals, including software developers, game developers and back-end developers. The average income of a C++ programmer is around ninety thousand dollars per year.


C# is an object-oriented programming language. Which means it uses a model that organizes a software design around objects, making it one of the top programming languages ​​due to its faster performance and better stability.

The language is also easier to learn than its predecessors. And C plus with a simple syntax and well defined class hierarchy it started as Microsoft’s language for its dotnet framework but C# is now compatible with Windows and Linux so it is safe to say.

That C# is the best programming language to learn You can also use it in a variety of environments including mobile and enterprise software to develop GUI based desktop applications but also create Android and iOS apps and integrate 2D or 3D games. It is possible to develop in

Because it is dependent on net environment. It may not translate that well. Many software companies are constantly looking for C# specialists such as Software Engineers, Game Developers or Mobile App Programmers. You can earn an average annual income of around 85,000 by mastering this programming language. can hope.


Last but not least, Structured Query Language or simply SQL is the third most used language according to Stack Overflow. If you are interested in data science and statistical computing then this is the best option.

It lets you manipulate and analyze data stored in a relational database. For example, web developers use SQL to organize databases of websites while digital marketers can use it to analyze their marketing campaigns. Many database management systems, including MySQL and mariadb, make it extremely easy to learn SQL. Because this syntax uses common English words and has a large user community.

Help you during the learning process On a side note SQL is not an open source language. Which means you can’t really modify its source code, so it is not the best programming language to build applications in terms of job opportunities. Companies from all industries look for SQL. Developers take care of their database management, so it’s fair to say that SQL developers are in high demand with an average annual salary of around 90,000$ dollars.

Final word

These are the 10 top programming languages to learn Let us know in the comments below which language you are planning to start learning. If you find this article useful then don’t forget to share it and follow us for more awesome content like this. Now I bid you farewell! Will be back sometime with a new article. You can also follow me on 👇

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