What is travel insurance | How to buy cheap & best travel Insurance in 2022

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Travel is the choice of many of us, isn’t it? And we all wish you a hassle and hassle free safe journey. Believe me, the topic about which you are going to share information. You must have understood that. Yes, you got it right. Today’s topic is Travel Insurance Policy. Before we begin this topic.

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What is Travel Insurance Plan?

Travel insurance policy is a comprehensive insurance plan that provides you coverage throughout your insurance plan so that you do not face any hindrance during travel.

Along with the coverage of your travel, it also provides you medical facilities and also covers your medical expenses. It also protects you from various other risk factors that may occur during your travels.

This is a highly beneficial plan and whenever you plan your trip, we recommend you to add this plan to your list so that you can enjoy and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Travel insurance plan provides you global coverage against unforeseen events like medical emergency, loss of travel luggage, accident, loss of passport etc. To save yourself from such incidents which can spoil your journey in no time.

You should buy travel insurance plan. An important point to note is that your travel insurance plan also provides you with medical coverage for COVID 19 without any paperwork.

what do treval insurance plans cover?

There are substantial benefits to buying a comprehensive travel insurance plan, as it secures your travels and saves you from financial burden. Not limited to this, it has many coverages ahead. Which will be discussed here in this article.

  1. Coverage is medical expenses.
  2. Personal accident.
  3. Medical Evacuation
  4. Loss of Passport
  5. Loss of Check-in-Luggage.
  6. Theft / loss of personal belongings.
  7. Cancellation and deduction of trips.
  8. Delay in travel.

Buy Treval insurance

features of travel insurance policy

Now let’s talk about the features of a travel insurance policy that you need to know. Because the travel insurance plan covers both our domestic and international trips and the travel insurance company also provides us with good help. They are always available in times of need.

Features of travel insurance

  1. The most important feature is the emergency hospitalization and medical treatment facility. Your travel insurance plan provides you with medical assistance without any delay in case you fall ill during your travels.
  2. Our next feature is compensation for flight-related adversities, which can come in handy at any time. If your flight is delayed, or baggage is lost, the travel insurance company is there to take care of you.
  3. Trip-related adversities. This is also a very special feature for you. If for any reason you have to delay or cancel your trip, your travel insurance plan is going to come to the rescue.
  4. The next feature is Cashless Hospitalization. If you are hospitalized or taking any kind of medical treatment in any hospital provided by the insurance company, your hospital bill will be paid by your travel insurance company only. Will go All this will come under cashless hospitalization.
  5. The next feature is specially designed for senior citizens and customized as per their age needs and requirements.

So it is advisable to take a travel insurance plan if you wish to have a hassle free wonderful trip. This feature is a perfect fit for those who are interested in travel. It is also best for travelers who travel several times a year. Perks and other perks are given to frequent flyers on each of their trips. Hope you find the features of travel insurance quite interesting.

Treval insurance

Types of Treval insurance plans

Now is the time to learn about the different types of travel insurance plans. We offer different types of insurance plans to the travelers. These plans are designed according to children, adults, students and senior citizens.

About types of plans Travel plans by geographic range

  1. Domestic Travel Insurance: These plans are specially designed for those who wish to travel within India. This plant protects you and your family and also saves you from financial burden.
  2. International Travel Insurance: This plan will help you wherever you travel around the world, all over the world. This plan has a wide range and it covers you medical, dental expenses and financial assistance, personal liability and the like.
  3. Schengen Travel Insurance: This customized plan is for people who travel abroad and is designed for Schengen countries. This will work best for you if you travel to more than one Schengen country. Then this is the best plan for you.

Travel insurance plans to get cover against unforeseen events that can ruin your trip and also cause financial loss. Considering the above factors, it is really necessary to have a travel plan.

Classifying it on the basis of type of passengers:

  1. Family Travel Insurance This plan is specially designed for families who like to travel together, so that they can make the most of the trip. It generally covers the sum insured for individual or family floater to the spouse and their children of the policyholders which is easily available and best coverage is provided to all
  2. Senior Citizen Travel Insurance This is a special plan specially designed for elderly people. Some travel insurance companies cover people above 60 years of age, in which they offer health insurance benefits. The scheme provides facilities for emergencies, medical expenses, re-migration of mortal remains, loss or delay of baggage, etc.
  3. Student Travel Insurance This is a student friendly plan and can be customized as per one’s requirement. It comes with an extended warranty of two years. Along with basic coverage it provides you access sponsor protection, medical evacuation, bail bonds etc.
  4. Corporate Travel Insurance This plan is designed to meet the needs of corporate travelers who are people traveling for corporate or business trips. Since, corporates are required to travel frequently, it usually has a validity of one year.
  5. Group Travel Insurance This scheme is designed for those who travel in tour groups, industrial training etc. This policy is best for domestic and international travel.
  6. Medical Travel Insurance This plan provides comprehensive coverage to you and your family. Along with financial assistance, this plan also provides you with medical assistance. Whether you are traveling domestically or internationally.

Based on the validity of the insurance policy

  1. Muti Trip Travel Insurance This plan is beneficial for those who undertake multiple trips in a year. Although, it offers you the same benefits as any other plan but, you do not need to buy travel plans again and again. This plan can save you a lot of money.
  2. Single Journey Travel Insurance In this plan, there is a provision of protection for a single journey. This includes your baggage coverage, trip delay or cancellation coverage, flight delay or cancellation coverage, etc.

Other types of travel insurance plans

  1. Baggage Insurance It may happen that you may lose your luggage during the journey. It can be stolen or misplaced. With baggage insurance plan, you do not have to worry, it helps you in such situations and reduces your stress.
  2. Flight Insurance This is a custom-made plan for flight emergencies or problems. It is a comprehensive plan in which you get the benefit of health and goods insurance. So, you have seen different types of travel insurance.

We hope it has been beneficial for you. To understand what kind of planning one needs. The person choosing to travel must read this article.

why should we Buy Treval insurance

Moving on to our last topic-: Why should you buy a travel insurance plan?

  1. You may face a medical emergency at any time while traveling. To get rid of them, it is necessary to take travel insurance.
  2. Travel insurance is mandatory in case of travel to other countries.
  3. In case of travel to a remote place, where there is unavailability of proper services, a travel insurance plan comes for health and provides you the much needed facilities.
  4. If you want stress free safe travel then you should opt for travel insurance policy.
  5. You will be surprised to know that your travel insurance plan covers your dental expenses as well.
  6. Sometimes it happens that, you have to face flight related adversities like flight delay, lost or stolen baggage check, missed connected flights etc. In such circumstances, a travel insurance plan is quite beneficial.
  7. This plan provides security cover for you and your family while traveling.
  8. Travel insurance company provides you compensation if your luggage is stolen during that journey.
  9. Sometimes there are some accidents in which we become legal liability. In such circumstances travel insurance plan comes to the rescue and covers the expenses.
  10. In cases where your cash is stolen and you do not have cash, the travel insurance company provides emergency cash assistance to you.

We hope you now understand why it is necessary to buy a travel insurance plan. This plan is extremely beneficial and you should buy this plan for travel so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest. Friend! We hope you liked this article on Travel Insurance. If you are thinking of buying a travel insurance plan then you can visit our website policybazaar.com and check all travel insurance plans. You can select the most suitable one for your needs. For more convenience you can visit our premium calculator page and check premium amount easily. it’s time to say goodbye. We will meet you soon with the next article.


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