What Is Blog? Explore Different Blogs

This article will give you a brief overview of blogging an what is blog.

In this, we will cover what is a blog, why do people blog And why blog in a course.

have a blog Basically an online magazine.

What is a Blog?

A blog is basically an online journal. (Web-log).

Blogs can use different tones and be on different platforms (video blogs, text blogs, etc), but they usually:

  • Are themed around one topic (Indian cooking, parenting, etc).
  • Don’t have a “gatekeeper
  • Have a strong “voice” or are personal.
  • Are part of a community.

Originally, most blogs were text based with some photos and hosted on websites. Since then, however, The definition has expanded.

People most commonly blog on social media platforms Like Tik Tok, Youtube or Instagram, but blogs can be anywhere.

Most blogs are based on a theme such as parenting or fitness and anyone can start one. There’s no gatekeeper or editor.

What Is Blog

You will notice that many blogs have a clear voice so that people read them because of their engaging writing style as well as their content and there is a community built around them.

Supporters leave comments and bloggers interact with other bloggers. You probably read too many blogs without knowing it. you would have got Beauty bloggers to learn makeup tips from someone’s cooking blog recipe or youtube.

Activity: Explore Different Blogs

Click on the 3 blogs, then spend a few minutes on each.

  • What trends do you notice?
  • How do the bloggers connect with their audience?
  • What do the blogs have in common? • How are they different?

Why Do People Blog?

To share their story

  • Be part of a community.
  • Build an online presence for career reasons.
  • Chronicle a journey.
  • Discuss something that’s important to them.
  • Reflect on an experience.

What do blogs have in common and how are they different? You can pause the video here and come back when you are done. Hope the activity helps you get a sense of what a blog is and what it gives you Some ideas for your own blog.

So why do people blog? Usually it’s because they like to share about a topic with a community that cares. Same thing. Some people also use blogs to chronicle a trip or reflect on an experience.

For example, people who are undergoing cancer treatment sometimes blog about it. Others blog to pursue careers because a blog is a . do not depend on
Publication schedule the way magazines do. You can participate in conversations about what your industry is like.

Blogs also help you showcase your knowledge, which can attract customers or other opportunities. So why this class in the blog? Blogging allows you to practice the skills we’re learning when writing about someone that you care about. You may also want to create an online presence to help you achieve your career goals after graduation.

Also blogging is all about the whole process. In this course you can create many short posts and Then choose the best one to submit. So this is a brief overview of what a blog is and how we will use them this semester.

Happy blogging!

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Final word

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