What Is Python Explained (intro, use, popular?)

Hi my name is kailash and in this article we will learn what is python. Why is it so popular and what is it used for? Python is the most popular programming language according to tob and pypl index since June 2022. Whereas tob analyzes how often people look for a programming language in various search engines.

according to tob and pypl index since June 2022 | python
according to tob and pypl index since June 2022

pypl takes into account how often people search for language tutorials on Google. Are you one of those people who are counted in the index number and want to know more about python? So let’s start with an overview.

What Is Python?

Python was first introduced in 1991 by Guido van Rossum. It is an object-oriented and high-level programming language widely used by software developers. Examples of platforms that use Python include Google, Facebook, Dropbox, and Spotify.

Introduction to Python

Python is an object-oriented and high-level programming language. Which means that its code does not contain any kind of declaration of variable parameter functions or methods. Which makes it small and flexible. It runs on almost all system architectures and can be used in many different applications.

The website Machine Learning and Data Analysis Dutch programmer Theodor von Rossum officially introduced Python in 1991. Nowadays it is administered by a non-profit corporation called Python Software Foundation and there are actually many services that you use in everyday life that are coded using python like google facebook dropbox and Spotify to name a few.

Why Is Python So Popular?

Now that we know the basics of python. So let’s go through some of the reasons why it is so popular and why it is a good idea to learn it.

  • Free and open source
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to use
  • Python developer is a high-paying job role

First Python is free and open source Python is an open source language which means that people can use and distribute it. Source code for free even for commercial purposes Nowadays many Linux and Unix distributions and even some Windows computers already come with Python installed by 2022. Python 3 is considered the most up-to-date version. The previous version Python T was sunset in January 2020 and is not updated with bug fixes, new features or security patches if you don’t have Python 3.

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Nevertheless it is very easy to install whether you use Windows or download the version for your operating system. Then by clicking on one of the links available you may also need to write an integrated development environment or idea nd edit the code more efficiently some of the most popular python ides are idle pycharm visual studio code and atom second learning python it’s easy.

Python uses a simple syntax with lots of English keywords. So it is easier for beginners to understand apart from all this. Courses and Bootcamps Available Python has a large community so programmers have many people to turn to if they have questions or coding problems, yet python.org provides extensive documentation and discussion forums. As well as with the abundant resources that you can find anywhere on the Internet. Your learning journey is much smoother Next Python is easy to use Let’s check this comparison between JavaScript and Python to create a hello world text If Python makes creating a single text very easy.

So imagine how it can solve complex problems because it’s an interpreted language that you can use as soon as you finish writing it. Can run each line of code and see the results immediately. This saves a lot of time for programmers as it helps them to catch errors quickly. Also python developer is a high paying role because of its simplicity. And because of its versatility, Python has become one of the highest paying programming languages ​​in 2022.

video tutorial by hostinger academy

The average salary of a Python developer is over 115,000, with over 200,000 job offers in the United States and 50,000 in Europe. If you like to be a freelance programmer, mastering Python will make you lucrative to become a freelance Python developer. Job opportunities can be found, you can expect to get 55 to 60 dollars per year. Furthermore, since you can use Python to build different applications on different platforms and operating systems, you will be able to participate in multiple projects.

What Can You Create With Python?

At this point in the article you must have noticed that Python is a very versatile language. So let’s move on to the most common projects you can work on with Python. Let’s start with website development The role of website development comes in two parts Front-end and Back-end also known as client side of the application. Front-end refers to the portion of the website visitor that directly interacts with the specific programming languages ​​used for front-end website development.

HTML is JavaScript and CSS. Meanwhile Python is commonly used for backend development which refers to the server side of a website. The backend of a website is not visible to the visitors. It initializes the website data and ensures that everything on the front-end Works seamlessly. Programmers can use Python to move data to and from servers to interact with databases and help manage website security.

One of the advantages of learning Python is that you can participate in various projects, like:

  1. Website development
  2. Automation and system scripting
  3. Software testing
  4. Data analysis and machine learning
  5. Game development

Create a data structure in an application and give it additional features that are common using a python framework Some of the most common options are django flask cherry pi and pyramid Next Up automation and system scripting automation to power computers or machines without human intervention refers to performing complete tasks while scripting refers to writing code to create an automated system as python is also classified as one.

Scripting language that you can use for programming or non-programming purposes to automate various tasks, these tasks include solving simple math problems, converting files, renaming files, or with python Calculating exchange rates You can also do software testing software must go through a quality assurance or QA process to maintain excellent customer satisfaction QA ensures that the product is of high quality and continues to release new software or update it. Since it provides a smooth user experience.

Must be quick and efficient to keep up with competing companies. Typically use an automated process As we discussed in the previous section Programmers use Python to automate C tests, manage test data and analysis test results without human intervention. As a result it speeds up the QA process while maintaining software quality. Some of the Python modules that software engineers often use for software testing include Robot PI Testing Unit Testing and Selenium Python. Data has become an integral part of analysis and machine learning data analysis is a widely used process that transforms raw data into insights and relative information to aid decision making.

Meanwhile machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence that uses algorithms and data to build learning models. Gradually improving their accuracy, social media services, virtual personal assistants and online customer support are some of the areas that use both data analysis and machine learning. Automation relies heavily on data collection and analysis to create processes so data scientists and analysts use Python code extensively. Data Build Machine Learning G Algorithms manipulate and analysis data and perform complex statistical calculations Yes Python is flexible and powerful that you can also use it to create different types of data visualization including pie charts on bar graphs. Includes three-dimensional plots and histograms. Usually programmers use a library to build.

Simplify programming and optimize tasks Some examples of Python libraries widely used for data analysis are pandas matplotlib numpy and scipy Meanwhile popular Python libraries for machine learning include tensorflow and pythorg and last but not least Not game development If you know games like The Sims 4 World of Tanks Eve Online or Civilization 4 They are made using python code. The python simplicity makes it great for making basic games or rapid prototyping complex. Its simple syntax rookie games Makes it possible for developers to quickly learn python to create graphical user interfaces that create 2D and 3D games.

Or to create visual novels and physics based games for professional game developers Python code can be used to build game prototypes and offer a playable visualization to investors. Some of the most commonly used Python frameworks to deliver game prototyping in the fastest way are the games Piglet TV Panda 3D and Buy Rampy. I hope this video has helped you to know what is python, why is it so popular and its most common uses.

Final word

You have any questions. Don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section below. We will be happy to answer them all. If you find this article helpful then share with everyone what you think. Best wishes on your online journey.

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