What Is UX Design (Aspects, Good and Bad, Process)

Hi I am kailash and in this article we will learn what is ux design its main aspects and start giving a sneak peek into a day one of ux designer.

If you are wondering what is UX design, watch this video to find out all about it. We’ll discuss the UX design process, good and bad examples, and what a UX designer’s day looks like.

What Is UX Design

what is ux design?

User Experience (UX) Design is the process of creating a seamless experience throughout the user journey. The term user experience was first used in 1993 by Don Norman, a specialist in cognitive science. He first invented the term while working for Apple.

Their main purpose was to promote the industrial design of Apple’s products by enabling users to easily set up and use computers. But the ux design also applies to physical interactions and non-digital objects. Which means it is present in every aspect of our lives, from the lights used in a restaurant to the checkout.

process in an ecommerce shop but today we will talk about ux design for digital products such as website apps software.

Main Aspects of UX Design

UX Design aims to create a product of service that meets user needs. and solves their problems. And what creates an overall pleasant experience may have you thinking that these are just abstract goals. But every dollar invested in ux design companies gives a return of investment between two and one hundred dollars so how to make a good ux design.

There are four aspects to consider usable first.

  • A good UX design should be:
  • Usable
  • Useful
  • Desirable
  • Accessible
  1. Remember that the main goal of ux design is to create the best user experience, so a good ux design helps users to solve their problems and achieve their goals.
  2. It needs to be useful without issues. The product or service must fill a gap in the market and have a clear purpose. If it doesn’t bring any value to the table then the product will not be successful and your ux efforts will not help Will get
  3. Product must be desirable Yes UX Design In appearance matters the product must be visually appealing and must match the company’s branding visual components which can also keep users engaged and help create a positive experience.
  4. Accessible A great UX design should provide an enjoyable experience for a wide range of users. Even if one has visual or motor impairment. They should have equal access to product service.

Good and Bad UX Design Examples

We’ll show you practical examples of the four main aspects of UX design – both good and bad.

Now that we have discussed the main concepts behind a great UX design let’s check out some practical samples. Have you ever heard of Norman Doors Yes it is named after Don Norman and refers to doors with poor user experience. We know that doors have two ends. States are open and closed so we should know immediately from context what to do.

But if you have to guess whether you should push or pull or you can’t even locate the knob. So instead of improving the user experience the door was designed poorly it confuses the users. Let’s now examine an example of a good ux design on the internet. Instead of immediately being overwhelmed by tons of products when accessing Sephora’s website, customers are greeted with three main categories, but if that’s the product you’re looking for.

It doesn’t belong to any categories You have the option of locating the top menu or using the search bar. Both are instantly recognizable and easy to find. Once you locate the product you want you will find the description led information about its price with product pictures and available versions and scrolling down you will find what is on the product. Instructions for use and also a form for users to share their experiences with the product.

Whose goal here is to provide an experience as close as possible to shopping at a physical store. When you have staff to help with the checkout process. Shipping options are clearly listed as well. And Call to Action adds a basket that uses a contrasting color to make it easy to know what to do next.

The UX Design Process

To create a good UX design as we just saw designers must implement a design thinking process according to the Design Institute at Stanford.

According to the Institute of Design at Stanford, the design thinking process has five stages:

  1. Empathize – the process of understanding the target audience via research.
  2. Define – using the data collected to define goals.
  3. Ideate – UX designers brainstorm and generate design ideas.
  4. Prototype – the design ideas are turned into prototypes.
  5. Test – conducting user testing with the prototype.

Define the empathy ideal prototype and test the empathy step about understanding the target audience during testing. In this phase ux designers conduct user research to gain insights from the customer’s point of view. After collecting the data, the data can be collected through interview, survey and other methods.

A UX designer analyzes this and defines the goals users want to achieve or the main problems they need to solve. Designers create user personas to represent the target audience during the UX design process. Individuals help the designer understand the end-to-end user flow. And on the basis of this create sitemap is the third step.

Ideation ux designer brainstorming and generating design ideas based on different touch points customer journey e.g. ux designer w how to design a website optimized for different screen sizes or how to improve the interaction design of a website Answered Questions The next step is creating a prototype of the final product. Simple paper sketches or even website test pages are examples of prototypes. ux designers use.

A method called wireframing to organize the information architecture of the prototype, then they can use the prototype to do user testing. And after finalizing all the steps user can collect the feedback. ux designers must present findings to clients to the company’s stakeholders or the design team once approved. UI designers will collaborate with interaction designers and web developers to implement these ideas.

A UX Designer’s Day

Now that you know about ux design. So are you interested in becoming a User Experience Designer? Questions like what type of work will I be working with, who will I work with, what kind of challenges will I face, perhaps you must have come to your mind to give you good answers.
Here at Hostinger I talked to which UX designer and I’ll share what the average day of a UX designer looks like, starting with you.

Design Thinking will help to implement the process we just discussed but your exact work will depend on the company where you are working usually two specialty ux researchers who focus on research and operation of ux designer. Which translates research results streamlining the process from prototyping to wireframe manufacturing testing and launching to large corporations. There may be different people working on specific roles such as a ux designer with a focus.

User Experience and Testing Phase Another designer focused on the prototyping phase and an interaction designer for prototyping and testing Meanwhile small organizations can hire a design for all ux design related tasks. Yet the daily task of a UX designer will basically be to find any problems in the customer journey and create solutions for them. But keep in mind that a UX designer is not only responsible for creating new products; they also need to evaluate existing products according to company goals and metrics.

For example, if a product begins to perform poorly, the product team will initiate an evaluation process based on feedback from existing customers. This will help the designers to identify the core problem and decide how to improve the products and ultimately reach the company goals as you can see with other teams to launch a design A good amount of collaboration is required and a lot of interviews to reach the final design. Meetings are presentations and discussions.

So you will need to think analytically and empathize systematically and be a good team player to become a good user experience designer in terms of hard skills a user experience designer must know visual design which is the core of graphic design interaction design and information architecture There is a common understanding. Audience data analysis helps process raw data and extract critical information to help prototype the sampling process for decision-making and testing purposes, and obtain user feedback on how to improve a product or service. And the good news is that you don’t. To truly become a UX designer, a degree is required. One can become one by studying the basics and mentioning the qualities which is also your main challenge to learn continuously and continuously.

Because the ux design industry is so dynamic, there are so many updates every day like our ux designers have created a ux design . As stated on Hostinger the addition of the Ner ux Design Course and Boot Camp Network is a learning day. It is a good idea to seek a mentor to gain insight into the network and discuss any problems you may face in pursuing this career and finally keep that in mind when you apply for a UX design role. You will need to have a relative experience and designing skills to go through a portfolio and if you need any help with this be sure to watch our video on how to build a portfolio website with WordPress.

Final word

Recapping UX design is the process of creating a seamless experience throughout the user journey to create a good UX design. Is a lengthy process that involves cross-team interaction. And brainstorming on top of all user needs should now be the number one priority.

You know everything about it. Are you interested in becoming a UX Designer? Don’t forget to connect with experts Find a mentor and create an amazing portfolio If you found this article helpful don’t forget to hit the like button and share it with your friends.

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