wordpress.com vs wordpress.org what is the difference?

Hey there my name is Kailash and today we are going to compare wordpress.com vs wordpress.org. You have probably heard the name WordPress before, especially if you are thinking of building a website. But did you know that there are two types even though wordpress.com and wordpress.org both use the wordpress of the same name. The difference between the two is quite significant. So choosing the wrong platform can make building your website even more difficult. But don’t worry I am here to help you.

In this article we are going to compare wordpress.com and wordpress.org in terms of pricing user friendliness flexibility and customisable performance and security. But before we compare the two. Let us discuss why they are both called WordPress. is a free and open source content management system used by approximately 43 websites, both of which use wordpress.com and wordpress.org software.

The key difference between the two is hosting. When we talk about WordPress.com we are referring to the blogging service that runs automatically on this platform. All the installation process is taken care of, you do not need to get hosting as this platform is included in the service, basically you get to use a custom version of the WordPress software on the other hand which is easy to choose from.

Which hosts the open source version of WordPress. So you will need to buy your own web hosting and domain name to install the software and use it. Have a look at their prices.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

WordPress.com is a blogging service that provides users with a custom version of WordPress. With this platform, users do not need to worry about looking for hosting, domain, security, and any additional features.

WordPress.org is the website where you can find the content management system (CMS) known as WordPress. Users will need to install the software and set it up on their web hosting account.

This article compares WordPress.com vs WordPress.org in terms of:

  • Pricing
  • Ease of use
  • Flexibility and customization
  • Performance
  • Security


Whether you are building a personal or professional website. There will be some cost to set it up wordpress.com offers a free plan but it comes with limited features for example if you don’t want to have wordpress.com on your domain then you will need to buy a domain name separately . But WordPress.com also offers premium plans for small bloggers.

The Personal plan, which costs $4 a month, is a good option. You can remove the WordPress.com ads and get a custom domain name. The Premium plan at $8 a month is ideal for users who want to monetize their website with ads, includes premium themes and lets users edit their sites with CSS.

$25 per month Finally wordpress.com has an e-commerce plan for $45 per month As the name suggests it is suitable for online stores provided there is 60 % to take full advantage of the features available on WordPress.com More premium design options and payment acceptance in more than one country. I recommend getting the business plan unless you are building an online store. In which case you will need to go for the e-commerce platform what are you planning to use wordpress.org and the software will not cost you a single penny.

You will spend most of your hosting and getting the domain. Just to give you an idea of ​​what kind of cost you’re looking at. Average hosting costs range from $2 to $14 per month, so the cost of a domain name ranges from one to thirty dollars a year. For example we offer a free domain name with our Premium and Business shared hosting plans. Premium shared hosting plan available for 299 per month and includes a free SSL certificate and WordPress acceleration tools to improve your site performance in addition to domains and don’t forget we have special discounts for hosting our academy Viewer with a coupon ASTW which is also listed in the article.

WordPress.com vs wordpress.org
WordPress.com vs wordpress.org

Once your hosting is sorted the time taken to choose certain plugins and themes for your website costs can vary greatly. It depends on what kind of tools you need but premium plugins usually start at around 10$. Dollars per license where the theme is required to go for more than twenty dollars. But there are thousands of free alternatives available on the WordPress directory. So you don’t need to spend money on premium themes or plugins in my experience most people spend a little bit in this area.

Because it will give them an edge to make a successful site as you can see the cost of using WordPress.com and wordpress.org depends on the needs of your website. .org gives you more freedom in choosing your hosting plan and tools. If you choose wisely you can get more features at a lower cost which seems like a better deal right.

Ease of Use

Now you know what each platform costs. Let’s see which one is easier to set up and use with WordPress.com. You just need to set up an account and choose a plan to build the website after entering and filling the website name. Your personal information You can quickly access the dashboard. The WordPress.com dashboard is very intuitive, but some settings and features are limited to specific plans.

That’s why you may find that the dashboard options are quite limited if you don’t at least get the Business plan. With WordPress.org your choice of hosting affects the setup process. Some hosting plans will require WordPress to be installed separately which involves additional steps and some technical knowledge but some hosting providers like Hostinger provide an auto installer to simplify the process. So once you have purchased a hosting plan and created an account login to access your cpanel.

There you will find WordPress auto installer button after entering title and admin information you can create website and access dashboard directly from your hosting account. WordPress dashboard is similar to wordpress.com but it gives you more freedom to access all its features for example you will be able to install your desired plugins and themes immediately so wordpress.com may seem like an easier option. But with the right hosting plan you can easily set up and use wordpress.org and you still get more features.

Flexibility and Customization

Next time is to compare wordpress.com vs wordpress.org in terms of flexibility and customization. Let’s start with this platform from wordpress.com. You have access to some free themes even with the free plan. But if you want to access more themes then you will definitely need at least the Premium plan.

wordpress.com also limits plugins to business and e-commerce users. Hence the flexibility and customization options are very limited. If you don’t have the right plan with wordpress.org, there is no limit. As soon as you get your website up and running. You can install any of the thousands of plugins and themes available just by the number.


But what about performance speed for better user experience and higher SEO rankings. You want your pages to load fast so that visitors can interact with your content instantly. wordpress.com is consistently fast with all of its plans and you don’t have to. To worry more about customization but you rely heavily on the platform. Which means you have less control over the performance of the site. Apart from software your hosting provider plays an important role in the speed of your website as you can use any hosting.

Do your research to find the provider you want with the top performance. Also you can for example integrate a content delivery network with your WordPress website or use browser caching to improve your site speed. can take advantage of. WordPress.com does a lot of the work for you on the other hand in terms of performance wordpress.org gives you the freedom to customize and control every little aspect of your site. But your choice of sting will significantly affect the results.


Lastly let’s talk about security when building a website. We expressly do not want any malicious user to be gaining access to sensitive information or distributing malware and spam as a matter of security. No more worrying about adding additional security features with WordPress.org You will need to be more proactive to secure your site.

First make sure to choose a web hosting provider that offers great security features for example Hostinger plans come with ddos ​​security and a ssl certificate by default. So you can also install a plugin like WordFriend or Security Ninja for added security. wordpress.com takes care of security so that you can focus on other aspects. and time.

Why Choose WordPress.com?

As you can see from our wordpress.com vs wordpress.org comparison. There are similarities between the platforms. But they cater to different types of users. WordPress.com is a great option for beginners who want to build a simple website with more focus on their content.

The technical aspect wordpress.com is also incredibly simple to set up but the features you get depend on the plan you choose.

Why Choose WordPress.org?

On the other hand wordpress.org is more flexible and scalable. After setting it up you will have instant access to thousands of plugins and themes. You will also have complete freedom as to which hosting to use but with great power comes great responsibility if you use it.

wordpress.org You’ll need to find the right hosting provider and plan and choose any additional features your site may need if choosing the wrong one. Installing and using WordPress can be more difficult. But at the end of the day especially with a proper hosting provider WordPress. Organization gives you a lot of possibilities and results.

Final word

That’s all you need to know about WordPress.com vs wordpress.org. Let us know which platform you prefer in the comment section below. If you like this article don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe for more awesome content like this. Good luck in your online journey overseas till next time.

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