7 Best WordPress Popup Plugins in 2022

You are looking for a pop-up plugin for your website but are not able to decide which is the best plugin. In today’s article I will tell you which are the best WordPress Popup plugins.

Hello my name is kailash and in this tutorial I am going to share the best WordPress pop-up plugin alternatives along with their key features and benefits.

What Is a WordPress PopUp Plugin

First let’s talk about what is WordPress pop-up plugin and why it is important for your website A pop-up is a small window or image that appears on a web page. Many businesses use pop-ups to increase conversions and direct their investors to it.

Take a specific action for example Your pop-up can invite visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or you can also use the pop-up to give visitors a discount code that will encourage them to make a purchase. A pop-up often has a trigger that determines when it appears on a web page.

7 Best WordPress Popup Plugins in 2022

Sometimes this can happen when pages are loading or when visitors are scrolling beyond a specific section or even when they are about to leave a page that is essentially a pop-up. What Can Help Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate In WordPress Pop-Up Plugin you can easily create and customize high quality pop-ups.

Most of the pop-up plugins come with pre-built templates and their own page builder Another advantage of using re papa is that most of them integrate well with other plugins like ecommerce plugin or newsletter plugin. Well there are many WordPress power plugins in the market. So finding the right one can be challenging, so here are some elements to consider.

When Looking for the Right WordPress Plugin Its Price Features Integration and Customizability If you are experimenting with pop-ups for the first time then you can start with the free WordPress pop-up plugin. You can always upgrade to it later when You need to access more features because your site is three of the best free WordPress pop-up plugins to consider sumo.

Best WordPress Popup Plugins list in 2022

Here you have given a list of the best WordPress Popup Plugins below. Which is one of the newest plugin of 2022

  • Sumo
  • Popup Builder
  • Popup Maker
  • Elementor Pro
  • Opt-in Monster
  • Ninja Popups
  • Bloom


The first plugin I recommend is Sumo A simple yet versatile pop-up plugin Sumo is a great solution for building your email marketing campaigns to increase conversions and sales. This free pop-up plugin accommodates an unlimited number of customers. But this free version you can set.

Sumo also offers designs and forms for up to 10,000 emails per month. Which you can customize according to your branding needs using Sumo. You can create timing pop-ups on your site which can improve user engagement. Other great features provided by Sumo are social media.

Sharing and Visitor Targeting Tools These features help you expand your reach to more audiences for online stores You can send card abandonment notification emails using Sumo. This plugin also provides a discount code generator and analytics tools to monitor your marketing campaigns.

Even if most of the free version is already there. Comes with great features. This plugin does offer a premium plan keep in mind you need it. To use Sumo, open a separate account.

Popup Builder

Next I show you All Pop-up Builder a user-friendly WordPress plugin that can help you create high converting pop-ups in minutes. The steps to create a pop-up using this free plugin are straightforward when you install the pop-up builder head to the Settings menu from there you can set the type and design of the pop-up positions.

Accordingly the prior version comes with customizable settings for image Facebook HTML and subscription pop-up. You can also easily create newsletters and manage your subscribers directly from the Papa Builder plugin settings. Even though Papa Builder is free. this plugin offers premium extensions from $9 to $29 per year or you can grab one of its Pro Plants which includes all premium extensions.

Popup Maker

Pop-up Creator Another user-friendly alternative to a free WordPress pop-up plugin is Pop-up Creator. This plugin provides an interface similar to WordPress posts and pages so that you can use the classic editor to design your pop-ups. Up is simple with Pop-up Maker.

You can find all the settings under the editor and just follow the steps to customize your pop-up. This pre-plugin also has pre-built themes to ease your design process if you don’t want to use Teams you also have the option to create your own pop-up creator. Also supports integration with popular forum plugins such as WP Forms and Ninja Forums.

You can also build your email list with this plugin by integrating email marketing services like HubSpot. If you want to get premium extensions and pop-up analytics all of these features in Constant Contact with the free version of Pop-up Creator, the cost is around $15 to $45 per site. Note that one of the downsides f using this free plugin is that you cannot review pop-ups.

But you can still publish pop-ups privately. Before showing them to website visitors now let’s talk about premium options as your website grows and you get more customers while investing. Premium options are excellent in the long run Most pop-up plugins offer more extension customization features and analytics.

Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro is a really popular WordPress page builder plugin. But it also offers a great pop-up builder tool. The premium version of Elementor comes with a drag and drop editor that makes it easy to design pop-ups with Elementor Pro.

You can preview what the pop-up looks like during the creation process which makes the tool easy to use if you have limited web design skills. All Elementor Pro designs are responsive and they are compatible with both desktop and mobile screens with Elementor Pro.

You can access over 100 pop-up themes. And Widgets You can also get entry and exit animations to boost your website engagement This plugin also provides accurate targeting using the right trigger conditions and advanced settings.

Elementor Pro makes sure that your website shows pop-ups at the right time for users to write. It also comes with a built-in submission form and MailChimp integrates well with many third-party tools like HubSpot and receives feedback. Other features include a tee. Heim baller in WooCommerce builder and one year of premium support and aura updates.

Opt-in Monster

After that let’s talk about OptinMonster. Arguably the best WordPress plugin for lead generation often Monster is equipped with a conversion toolkit and various pop-up form types with this plugin you can increase sales and increase conversions very fast. This premium pop-up plugin is also a great one. comes with.

Drag and drop builder that lets you customize pre-made templates or create designs from scratch. Not only does this premium plugin have a built-in analytics and ab testing tools. These features help show the performance of each campaign.

so that you can better optimize your strategies for maximum conversions Often monster out intent techniques and geo targeting are also great features to build successful marketing campaigns with your pop-ups. This plugin supports custom HTML CSS and JavaScript to deliver more advanced features and customization. Even though you can opt-in to get Monster for free I recommend going for one of its premium plans to access all the useful tools.

Ninja Popups

Ninja Pop-Up offers an easy to use drag and drop builder with a collection of pre-built templates. It also offers full API integration and is translation ready. This premium plugin can do page level targeting making it easy to personalize.

Pop-up for each page or post You can enable the pop-up to be displayed after a few seconds of user’s inactivity like other plugins in this video, this is possible with many third-party tools such as woocommerce and wpml Which is what makes Ninja pop-up.

The perfect solution for online stores and other premium features that Ninja Pop-Up offers are a B-test and integration with Google Analytics to expand the reach of your website. Its regular license will cost you $24 for a single payment, while an extended license will cost you $155.


The last pop-up plugin on this list is Bloom. Bloom This is another great example of a paid Papa plugin. Bloom already comes with over 100 built-in templates to help you create eye-catching pop-up campaigns. It also provides an excellent customization tool you have with Bloom.

Multiple triggering options and automatic functions This plugin is great because you can target visitors in specific details for example showing a pop-up after your visitors have posted a comment or once they hit the bottom of your page. These triggers are especially useful for your target audience.

Associated with or who have shown interest in your content. This is why Bloom can help you increase conversions and engagement, it integrates well with many email marketing tools such as MailChimp.

Plus its custom panel helps you easily manage pop-up campaigns if you are interested in getting Bloom. Premium plans cost $89 per year or $249 for lifetime access do you unlock other plugins by elegant themes, including the TV website packs and there you have it.

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Final word

Now you know all about WordPress pop-up plugins, what it is and how using it can benefit your website. Don’t forget to check out the best WordPress pop-up plugins and premium alternatives listed in this article Thank you for reading. Now I bid you farewell! Will be back sometime with a new article. You can also follow me on 👇

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