Write A Blog Post In 10 Minutes With AI 100% Free

You don’t like writing articles or maybe you don’t have time to do that and you don’t have money to invest on writers which is ok today In this article I will show you step by step how to craft and write Best article in few minutes and for free and even if you are not perfect in English like me, this article will definitely help you.

Step #1

So step number is to create a new blank post if you are inside wordpress then go to post add a new one open a new google document wherever you are on blogger wordpress just open a new blank document step number two to write our article do you To do is choose the topic title of your article and the target keyword, so in my case for example I will write about affiliate marketing tips, so that’s the topic of my article.

Step #2

The second step is to write or prepare the title of the article. So we definitely need to enter the title, you can sit down and start thinking of catchy titles. Whatever is optimized for seo but you can go here to help you. h super tool my free forum visit youtube here ai title generator this is for youtube videos.

But it will help you a lot to prepare new titles and get some ideas this tool will generate some titles based on keywords with the power of artificial intelligence I will sign in it is totally free the way I go here I say generate affiliate marketing tips or some other tool.

Write A Blog Post In 10 Minutes With AI 100% Free

that will give you some ideas Let’s wait a bit The ultimate guide to affiliate marketing tips and tricks How to become a successful affiliate marketer in 10 minutes so you see we are getting some catchy title for our article Let’s say I chose this and Well before I pick it up, if you don’t like them.

So you can click Generate again and see another list of titles. you can see here i would like it more so it is titled Five Essential Tips to Be a Successful Affiliate Marketing Marketer Sorry then we have focus keyword what is focus keyword this is just the keyword we use with seo are targeting. Explain it in 30 seconds if you underline google.com here.

And when someone searches something as an example for affiliate marketing tips it is called a keyword that people are searching in my case for example I can target this keyword if I say now enter you A list of articles will appear, I want my article to rank at the top of Google for this keyword I have a search volume of 320.

let’s see the contest i will copy this keyword age again super tools seo keyword research tool open it also paste it here for free then select the country if you like us or let’s say global now say global and search and you’ll see monthly search volume, you’ll see related keywords you’ll see seo difficulty 57 That’s ok.

And likewise you can get some idea if you want to change keywords then let’s say I have picked up affiliate marketing tips, just a small note you need to optimize the title for this keyword as well. Will talk in a while just follow up with me.

Step #3

The third step is to prepare the outline of the article. I’ll show you how to do it for free. Go to HCP Tools again. A tool that has everything go to the AI ​​Outline Generator here and here again I will copy the topic Affiliate Marketing Tips paste this generates here Let’s wait a bit and here we have got a complete outline for every paragraph.

What is Affiliate Marketing How It Works Different Types of Success Whatever you can copy or just reproduce if you don’t like it you can edit it whatever you want. Tweak it Let’s copy this one paragraph six so paste it here and there is a seventh conclusion. Or if you want tldr is ok. So now we have the outline we have the title outline.

Create Paragraph

Now we need to create a paragraph based on each heading in the outline. so this is a title how to copy it again go to h sub tools go to ai content generator again a free content generator paste topic here select max number of words 150 and generate intelligence level three it’s ok Let’s see what I will do now, by the way, I will tell you the secret behind these tools, what is content generator AI. And how do they work in the back end?

So stay tuned I’ll reveal some of the secrets a little bit so you can see here that this is a headline marketing scares and this is the paragraph. Copy it here and paste it under Now we have the first paragraph. You can copy one third to another and generate. Paragraph for each heading.

How does it work?

Since you are working with a . Even if you are not in the technical field. I believe you need to understand how AI works in just a few seconds AI stands for artificial intelligence. So how does it work we train the machine. that we train the computer a lot of content with a lot of articles we train it. Train it over and over again until the computer is capable of creating and writing articles on its own.

As you can see here. So it’s about machine learning if you had this word before machine learning we’re teaching machine learning. that how to do something by training it then it will be an AI model an intelligent pc which in our case can do things like writing articles and if you have about jasper for example this service it is among the top services used One of the things you want is to write ad copies for content creation to write articles.

With the power of AI you can see that you can start at $29 and if you want to test out the service I will leave a link in the description where you can play with it to test it for free. For this tutorial we are working with eight super tools completely free. I mentioned it just in case Have ‘no idea how things work’.

Is This Enough? No!

In this way we can write articles. Is this enough. Certainly not if you want to deliver real value to your visitors. If you are building a blogging business. So you have to add your touch on this article how I will now mention two things number one is that you can visit websites like sta tista here.

This website will give you a lot of statistics about many things around the world. You can get statistics from this website and use it inside your article. The second thing is this will add a lot of value to your post. That you add your own experience to your own case study so that you can add a few paragraphs that personalize the article in this way. Do your best to do so that you will add a lot of value to your readers.

Revealing a secret

Now let’s reveal some secrets. If you go here then open a new tab and we go here openai.com and then here go to api and sign up I will log in with my account now What is going on in AI. This is an AI project that will help anyone with what we call the GPT3 model.

On its basis make content creation tools. Forget about all these terms. Now let’s see the power of this AI model. If you go to the playground and by the way when you sign up you will get tons of free credits. You can test it for free and believe that here five ideas about affiliate marketing arise.

For example click here submit and you can see that it will generate ideas for you You have an AI writing assistant who can help you with anything while generating content if you go here for more examples Go down here You can see it here. tldr in short open it in the playground look at it so you have this paragraph or this piece of content when you say ldr subnet here.

So this will give you a summary of this paragraph aph so that you can paste your article and also get a conclusion and use it in your article for free, you have lots of bars to use with open AI and Well almost all services use Open AI GPT 3 to generate content and soon I will teach you to create your own tool which generates content based on Open AI so I think to keep you updated with every new Notifications have to be turned on.

Another Secret

Now let’s reveal other secrets but before revealing the second secret I want to tell you something about AI content generator tool whether you are using jasper premium services or my free tools generate content .

Please remember that AI content generator should be used as a writing assistant and not just create copy and paste if you want to be successful. If you are building a blogging business then you have to use it as a helper and not just copy and paste the same words in the same way you can get these paragraph in text article. Revisor is also free you can paste it here and paraphrase paragraph and if you need something more advanced then you can visit this website.

Quill Bot This is an AI paraphrasing tool so that you can paste text paraphrase here and it will give you a paraphrased version. You can also see in your paragraph based on AI you can play with this change then use this tweak in your own way and paste it inside your blog post but I believe the content The best way to use a generator is not to write articles for your main website.

This is good for affiliate articles like articles to promote something it will help you create something fast to promote with paid ads or maybe a tool to write a description as an example if you go here So you can see that this is a tool website that I have created, so let’s say we go to youtube keyword tool, we have complete details about this tool, you can use content generator to write tool description in blogging. Can be used. Helpful and don’t copy and paste if you want to be successful.

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